Tuesday, December 13, 2011

kiehl-ed over (giveaway)

sometimes, beauty speaks louder than words. which is probably why while other ninth graders were talking about boys or school, my best friend and i would spend our lunch hour in the library browsing through old beauty editorials and bonding over eyeshadow shades.
growing up, my face was a blank canvas to every moisturizer that hit the drugstores. detailed lists were written to santa about which shades of lipgloss i 'needed' and, looking back, i'm surprised i didn't volunteer to be a test subject at a cosmetic company.
older and wiser, i now have a regime that works for me and i'd love to give you a chance to have the same. kiehl's just launched their first flagship store in bombay and would love to indulge you with some fabulous goodies! the trade off? you have to share your favourite beauty secret with us!
follow the instructions below to enter the giveaway.

(a) leave a blog comment with your beauty secret. best secret wins!
(b) follow kiehl's india and bombay bubble on twitter.
(c) tweet 'shhh! i just shared my biggest beauty secret with @kiehlsindia and @bombaybubble! #KiehlsMumbai'
terms and conditions :
*the best beauty secret wins.
* this giveaway is only open to participants from india. 
*the contest closes on thursday evening 6pm.
*winners will be announced on thursday night.
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at times like this i wish i could enter my own giveaway! still, i'd be thrilled to see you guys win a goodie bag in time for christmas so get cracking! 
bisou bisou,
anushka xx


nitika said...

A tinted moisturizer or sunscreen tends to leave skin looking dewy-fresh and much healthier, without clogging pores the way foundation does.
Moreover it makes my skin look naturally healthy nd young.

Twitter- http://twitter.com/#!/nitika_princess/status/146709666091634688

kami said...

i swear by the french rosewater i first got from Kiehl's.....its the most luxurious.
another great pick me up is my cheek tint.....always a hit.
P.S. add the few drops of the Kiehl's rosewater to ur bowl of chilled melons at breakfast and trust me u will be begging for more!!!!!

Anupriya Dutta said...

Since I am a teenager and have a rather sensitive skin, I do9 not believe in over-application of make-up. Instead I believe in cleansing-toning-mosturizing. Which succumbs me from getting pimples, leaves my skin fresh and glowing therefore i do not need anything except some liner and a lip stainer!
Following both by twitter!!

Darshita said...

Firstly- I absolutely love your blog Anoushka. Keep them posts coming! They make my day when I'm having a dull one at work. Especially the last one- would you change your style for a guy? I could relate to that one on so many levels. Hahah!

Secondly- The beauty secret. This one's about how multi purpose talcum powder can be. There's two ways of it using it actually. 1) When you're having one of those greasy hair days and are running short of time to wash it, just take a bit of talcum powder on your finger tips and run them through our scalp. The greasiness goes away like *snap*! And no, your hair WONT look white. Haha! 2) Take a bit of talcum powder and just dab it under your lower lashes, just bit. It does wonders for not letting that kajal smudge so that you don't end up with racoon eyes! :)

nikita said...

fuller's earth with a dash of milk and rose water can do wonders for those blemishes left by pimpels n acne.

nikita said...

Incase u run out of makeup remover or a cream, petrollium jelly is a good way to remove eye makeup.

Srishti Kumar said...

Apart from the regular Cleanse-Tone-Moisturise-Sunscreen ritual, one thing I've learned that really helps your skin to not break out and look sullen is keeping stress to a minimum. Stress related acne can be completely avoided if you just breathe deeply, find something you love to do and learn how to just decompress!

That and applying sunscreen with a sponge- it penetrates deeper. Aaaaand spraying on moisturiser through the day instead of your usual avene or evian thermal spritzer since water dries the skin while evaporating.
And my favorite of them all- Sip a glass of red wine a day. It's antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties heal acute redness caused by sun exposure!

Jeez, I should write a book already! :-D

The Architect said...

I agree, foundation isn't needed on young skin. Eating healthy and keeping the blood detoxed has better effects.

My tip? A little bit of body lotion(yes, body lotion) applied to hair. Takes the frizziness down considerably. I find it especially useful in monsoons when a little bit of drizzle turns my freshly washed hair into a Frizz-parade. I just run a tiny bit between my palms and smooth it over my hair. Of course you want to experiment with the amount cause everybody has different length and thicknesses and you don't want to use too much or it'll look greasy(unless you want that look, of course!)

puja said...

wash your face clean with ice cold water and then , to give that natural blush and make up to an absolutely nude face, cut a slice of bet root and rub it on the temple of your cheek, it always gives your face that instant rose flush and suits most of the Indian skin tone, with obviously no doubt suiting the fair maid... you are out to go in the sun even on a sunny day, or a cold winter day with that natural blush and some lip balm :)

puja said...

after washing your face with ice cold water, cut a slice of bet root and rub some on your cheeks (up to your temples) to give your cheeks that natural rosy flush on that nude face. like that you are ready to step out with that natural make up even if you think make up is not for you even if it is on a winter day or night or that bright sunny day :)

иidhi S said...

rather than using a face wash in the morning, u could actually start with
1) wash ur face with cold water, give ur face a 15sec massage with cleansing milk and wash it off.
2) finish it off with a 15sec massage with a basic / light scrub (whatever suits ur skin type) and wash it off.

It makes your skin very smooth and baby soft, try it and do tell me.

PS: You can use it every alternate day or twice a week

sindhu gupta said...

its a tip to get bouncy hair!!!i have naturally straight hair,so whenever i wash my hair,my hair my hair gets super staright,silky and shiny...but i dont get the bounce on my hair!!!so i used livon's hair serum(n i must say its amazing!) and combed my hair with a blow dry brush.n it looked amazing.awesome bounce.people asked me if i has blow dried my hair...on my mind it was like 'hell ya'!!!!

sindhu gupta said...
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Anonymous said...
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crazypoplock said...

I found out about ur blog from "Delhi Fashion Blogger" ^_^. Loved your interview and the story behind your Prada sunglass. I am following you now. Sadly, I can't think of any of my own beauty secrets so I won't be participating in your lovely giveaway ^_^.


Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Thanks for hosting this giveaway dear...
Don't forget to take part in the giveaway!!!
Happy New Year dear...
Fashion Panache - When I was a Bride's Maid...

Anushka said...

Everyone : Thanks so much for entering!