Saturday, February 26, 2011

interview - the bombay style stalker

psst! word on the street is that there’s a mystery girl in town! she prowls the streets of bombay incognito, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of the hottest deals and faint worthy fashion finds! she could be anyone – the girl in line behind you at the vero moda cash register or the girl you see in a bargain war with the vendors at colaba!
whoever this masked maven may be, bombay fashionistas owe her bigtime! the style samaritan uploads juicy tidbits of her latest style endeavors, sale updates, amazing bargains and lust-worthy items from around the globe on her facebook page.
here, behind the veil of a computer screen, is where I have a tête-à-tête with bombay’s very own Style Stalker!

my perception of the bombay style stalker {illustration : anushka hajela, city background: christ-dent  }

me: where and how did the idea for the BSS page originate?
bss: i wanted a place where I could share my personal sense of style and facebook seemed like a great outlet for that. thanks to the overwhelming response I got, its now become a mission to help people with shopping and style advice.
me: is being the Bombay Style Stalker a career, hobby or initiative?
bss: it's definitely a hobby as well as an initiative to help people. it's something i really enjoy doing everyday.
me: how would you define fashion in mumbai?
bss: since we now have more high end brands, there's been an increase in the awareness to dress better and keep with trends. there is definately a minority that have alot of individuality but on a whole I would say that fashion in mumbai is fresh, and extremely trend oriented.
me: in your opinion, which are the three best bargain stores to shop at in the city?
bss: the amazing thing about our city is that we can easily find affordable stores, especially on the streets of bandra and colaba - my personal favs!
me: how often do you go scouting for the page?
bss: i adore shopping and scout every week(for myself and the page!) magazines and online stores are helpful, too.
me: would you say your personal style influences the items you display on the page?
bss: Definitely! 99% of the time it's always something that I would love to own. however, on occasion i do make it a point to put up stuff that everybody would like.
me: who’s your favourite designer du jour?
bss: i admire the amazing coco chanel for bringing in her own signature style and influencing an entire industry thereafter.
me: what’s the one item in your closet you can’t live without?
bss: a great pair of formal black pumps or a really sexy LBD! its always a great re-usable item, formal or otherwise!
me: if i decided to peek into your handbag, what secrets would i find?
bss: well I typically carry lipgloss, kajal,a mini hairbrush,some hair pins,mini perfume bottle, hand sanitizer,wallet, cellphone and keys! and, on occasion, my ipod or camera.
me: what’s your sale season mantra?
bss: if you are lucky enough to have the time, visit the sales more than once and never buy on the first day of sale. the only exception would be a hot selling item or something that you absolutely love and must have there and then!


  1. Nice one dere..!
    Hans Vivek

  2. Hans Vivek : Thankyou! :)

  3. I love BSS!! way to go!!

    Mumbai's Fashion Blog Community should def have meetings/parties once in 6 months to meet and see who they really are behind beautiful, meaning ful blogs.


  4. Vinita Jayant : I couldn't agree more! Great idea!

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