Wednesday, February 16, 2011

mu me over!

let me let you in on a secret or five. sometimes, i spend so long testing out lipstick shades, i know the salesgirls by name. sometimes, when i'm bored, i'll youtube the latest makeup trend tutorials and practice them at home. sometimes, i'll buy bright fuchsia lipstick because (insert reason here)

when my makeup junkie-ism led me to fat mu, i couldn't believe my luck! the founders, virginia and natasha are two of the nicest girls i've met. they worked on the makeup for 'slumdog millionaire', 'luck by chance' and about a zillion other influential projects that'll take all night to list!
i love hanging out and drinking espresso at their studio where they teach pro makeup courses and run some of the coolest workshops ever - smoky eyes, 1940's retro glam hair and my favourite, 'sex and the city' makeup! how perfect for the next girl's day out, non?

{ image courtesy : ( picture 1) colorful brushes : lesighofafashionista, all other images and work : fat mu artists and students. (picture 2) chopped lipsticks : 88palette, false eyelashes : spacenk, eyeshadow : stila cosmetics, all other images and work : fat mu artists and students }

drop by their studio at hill road, bandra or check out their website, blog or facebook page to get a feel of their work.

bisou bisou,
anushka xx

9 comments: said...

I am not a make up junkie but I enjoy getting it done by professionals :)

Anushka said...

Tanvi : I know what u mean! Makes me feel like one of those models backstage at a fashion show! :P Eat your heart out, Coco Rocha! :P Haha!

Chatterazzi said...

I'm an absolute makeup freak, junkie, hoarder..whatever you may call it. I can watch hours and hours of you tube videos watching my fav makeup gurus. I took a Napoleon Perdis makeup course for a month in Australia, and recently was trying to look for some in India, particularly Mumbai, So glad that you posted this.It seems the ind of stuff i'm looking for cause I know Mickey Contractor doesn't have courses or workshops yet. I'm going to contact them for a course i could do. thank you! :)

CMA said...

loving the inspiration!
i'll be coming back to your blog for sure!
come visit COSMICaroline and see behind the scenes at the Nashville Anthropologie event!


Meg.Meh.P. ( said...

I am a lip gloss and kohl eyes only type of person. But I do check out what all is there and how it is done, for use in future maybe. :)
Thanks for sharing, I will definitely check them out as well...
I hope there were some workshops in delhi also, I love the idea of a girls day out like this.. Will find some similar ones here.. Thanks again.


A, J and S said...

I just recently got into makeup. I always put on eyeliner but now I want to try more funkier things and I actually really want to try lipstick! Your so lucky your friends with such talented make up artists you must know so much now! I'm so jealous.

Anushka said...

Chatterazzi : I'm so glad this post was able to help you! You should go check the place out! it's fantastic! :)

CMA : Thanks so much! I'm so happy you like it here! Will visit your blog for sure!

Meg.Meh.P : Yes, do! They're awesome! I'm not sure about Delhi workshops. You'll have to check with the girls themselves. Their contact details are on their website (mentioned in the post)

Anushka said...

A, J and S : When in doubt, always go for lipstick! I really think lipstick and a good pair of heels can make you look amazing even when you're wearing something gross! I actually learned a lot about makeup on my own, but u can just take on of their starter courses / workshops! You'll learn so much! :)

Maebell said...

i think makeup is so much fun to experiment with(: but sometimes its nice to go with the natural beauty! great post(: lovely blog!