Thursday, April 28, 2011

a little goes a long way

hello everyone! it's been a while, yes? i've had a few posts lined up but my internet has not been co-operating! so annoying!
anyway, you'll be happy to know that i've been putting my time away to good use - by playing fashion samaritan and round the clock stylist to my friends!

 meet my friend farozan. she just started a new job and when you're working 8 hours a day, it doesn't really leave you with much time to scour the city for the latest trends and shop till you drop. 

 { before }

 she was invited to a high profile party this week and really wanted to knock the ball out of the park and experiment with a totally new look.

the catch : 
(1) working within a budget of rs. 2000
(2) finding an outfit to flatter her figure and help her look and feel fab!
(3) finding heels to fit a shoe size 42!   

i never shy away from a challenge and so, the two of us set out to hill road for a street shopping spree!  

{ before }

now farozan is a classic 'apple' - larger on the top than the bottom. i wanted to give her a jacket to skim her sides and help her look more streamlined, with a bright cocktail dress to show of her long legs in a fun way.

street shopping on hill road was an absolute dream. we managed to get her a dress, a boyfriend blazer and accessories, but the only thing bothering me were the shoes!

luck was on our side that day, though, because the first budget shoe store we walked in to ('belly' on hill road), the first pair of shoes i pointed out to turned out to be an adorable snakeskin pair with a moderately high heel that fit her like a dream! 

the end result? see for yourself! 

{ after }

dress : rs.250, blazer : rs.350, shoes : rs.625, accessories : rs.350,
total : rs. 1575

challenge completed well under budget! but what do we do with the rest? why, spend it of course! we then bought her another dress worth rs. 350 and a necklace worth rs. 100! (not pictured here)

{ after }

how i love a good chic-over! what do you guys think? share your thoughts in the comments section!

bisou bisou,
anushka xx


Aditi Bhalotra said...

You've done an absolutely fabulous job!!


rohinie said...

best post ever...
makes me wanna do something on before/after...
and love the way uv styled her///and her blazer...
and the prices...i mean...i really need to visit Bombay ASAP<3

A Lot Like Fashion said...

Damn you Bombay people! :( I feel left out! I want Hill Road shopping! :)

The.Mystic said...

I have the same shoe size, where did u buy the shoes from? Temme plz :)

Raey said...

anushka can you specify which shops you`ll went to for dress n blazer?

Tanvi said...

You did good!!!

♡ from ©

Vinita Jayant said...

where did u get the blazer from??

pls email me [email protected]

even I want one
Im a small though

Melsa said...

absolutely awesome job!!
where is the blazer??? i want a cheap 1 n for 350...its AMAZING!!! the shoes are awesome too!! fab job!! :)

Naaz said...

Wow Nushie ! I cant believe all this was for like 2k ya. We are so going shopping ! :P

Rittika said...


Kohl_lined said...

OMG! adorable! wish to b crafted in d same way soon! ;)

Anonymous said...


Giasaysthat said...

This is pretty!
where's the blazer from? :)

artyheart said...

Haha the blazer! Its so amazing! Job well done! :D
Where is it from ? Please let us know, please please pleaseeeeee ? :)

Anushka said...

Aditi : Thanks so much! :) x

Rohinie : Thanks sweetie! :)

A Lot Like Fashion : Haha! :P

The Mystic : The shoes are from Belly's on Hill Road.

Raey : The dress was from a random street stall on Hill Road and the jacket was a chance buy we found in the lane of Enrich Salon (again at Hill Rd)

Tanvi : Thanks! :) x

Anushka said...

Vinita : It was a chance buy in the lane of Enrich Salon, Hill Road, Bandra.

Melsa : Same as above! :P

Naaz : Sure, doll. Anytime!

Rittika : Thanks! :)

Kohl_lined : When you are, send me a picture! I'd love to see your makeover!

Anushka said...

Anonymous : Thanks! :)

Giasaysthat : Chance buy in the lane of Enrich Salon, Hill rd, Bandra! And thanks! :) :-*

Anushka said...

Anonymous : Thanks! :)

Giasaysthat : Chance buy in the lane of Enrich Salon, Hill rd, Bandra! And thanks! :) :-*

gossipgurl08 said...

omg that blazer i mean omg hawt hawt blazer ! oh shit i m getting tht next tym!:P :D

Anonymous said...

any landmark next to 'belly' so it can be easier for me to spot....??!