Saturday, June 18, 2011

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you guys having a fun weekend? i know i am! one of my closest girlfriends is visiting from out of town so we're spending all our time street shopping, getting mani-pedi's and stuffing our faces! i've been looking forward to spending quality time with her for months and this weekend is everything we hoped it would be! gotta love sisterhood!
speaking of things i'm looking forward to, 'aarna', an event that acts as a platform for young, up and coming designers to showcase their work to mainstream shopaholics like vous et moi is on the 24th and 25th. totally worth visiting, expect to find funky, eclectic, colourful pieces you won't find elsewhere!
proof? 'love from india',the brand that gave me these beautiful shirts you see in the pictures is only one of the kitschy-cool brands you'll find there. others include bash, c.a.k.e, the big bag theory, pink cow...i could go on, but you should probably experience this yourself!

{ shorts : custom made, blazer : vintage, buddha shirt : love from india, clutch : gift from masoom, bangle : colaba, shoes : random shoe store, sunnies : colaba }

how cute is the little buddha print?!

{ pants : vintage, shirt : love from india, shoes : random lokhandwala store, bag : bootmaker, necklace : colaba, sunnies : colaba, ring : hill road }

{ jeans : armani, shirt : love from india, tank : hill road, hat : hill road, bag : pune, necklace : colaba, sunnies : colaba, shoes : charles and keith, ring : hill road } 
see you guys there! :) 
bisou bisou,
anushka xx


Kunjan_Aarna said...

Fabulous Anushka. Thank u so muccchhhh. I hope to you u and all ur frnds at the event.

Kunjan_Aarna said...

Thank you so much Anushka. You look really good in the clothes from LFI. I hope to see you at the event. muuuaaahhhhhh

Style Drive said...

Love the outfits!

Angel Garcia said...

I am all about the first look.. The colors are just so captivating..

All the best, Angel

Giasaysthat said...

I loved all your outfits! :)

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A Lot Like Fashion said...

I reviewed accessories coming to aarna too, simply coz I can't make it to Bombay :( Miss me!

Anushka said...

Kunjan : Anytime! :) Will be there! :)

Angel : That's my fav too! Thanks! :)

Styledrive : Thanks babe! :)

Giasaysthat : Thankyou!! :)

A Lot Like Fashion : I willll!