Thursday, March 3, 2011

s is for 'statement'

attention accessory junkies! 
if, like me, your outfit isn't complete without a fabulous statement piece, i've found just the fix! enter 'sush and shish', the dynamic mother - daughter duo who started their own line of alluring statement jewelry that is as opulent as it is affordable!
it all started when srishti lost some of her mom's jewels at a friend's party. sushma then came up with a plan to make her daughter a beautiful, conversation-starting necklace that would stay on all night and still be pocket friendly in case she decided to donate it to a friend (or to the dancefloor!)
{ pants : vintage, lace t : hill road, bag: chanel, shoes : random store, bangle : colaba, belt : hill road, necklace : sush and shish}

here i am wearing my favourite pieces from their S/S '11 collection - a glimmering fusion of beads, studs, chains and semi-precious stones. though my outfit is similar to this one, throwing in one of their showstopper pieces adds so much life to the look.

{ nude dress : vero moda, nude booties : christmas gift from mom, bag : chanel, necklacce : sush and shish }

this oversized edgy pearl piece compliments my delicate nude dress perfectly.
'sush and shish' make not only necklaces, but cuffs, alice bands, body harnesses, belts and fascinators. even better, they custom make pieces to your specifications! too good to be true!
check out their new collection at chamomile (lower parel), fuel (hughes road and bandra) and sattva (bandra) or visit their facebook page for more info. 
bisou bisou,
anushka xx


Miss Vintage said...

The first bib necklace really does bring out the whole ensemble. As do the shoes which add a pop of color. What's the starting range for the necklaces?

Alexandra Marie said...

very cute!!
uniquee i love it!


styledrive said...

Love the necklace and the shoes!!

Incessant Confuzzlement said...

I lurrved both the outfits. :D

Now i know why you like the neck pieces.. They stand out. Also, the fact that its so colourful against the cream-grey combination. :D


You look super hot. :D said...

Love the subtle nudes!!! And that necklace is such a keeper :)

Anushka said...

Miss Vintage : Hmm! I can't say for sure. Perhaps you'd prefer to ask them yourslelf? Email them at : [email protected]

Alexandra Marie : Thankyou! :)

Incessant Confuzzlement : Thankyou darling!

Styledrive : Thankyou!

Tanvii : Merci! :) I'll be sure to let Srishti you said that! :)

Jahn 'n Style said...

love both the necklaces...especially the second one...

Naomi said...

Wow dat necklace is so brave! works great on u!

Carla Violet said...

Pretty post.. are those necklaces attached to the clothing or separate? I'm curious.. they look awesome!

Smokin section said...

love the outfits!!

holierthannow said...

WOW just discovered your blog via IFB. OBSESSED! so excited to follow you.

xo ann

Holier than Now

Anushka said...

Jahn 'n Style : Aren't they gorgeous! :)

Naomi : Thankyou! :)

Holierthannow : Haha that is so sweet! Thankyou, Anne! :)

Anushka said...

Carla : Thankyou! They aren't attached. You wear them as you would any regular necklace. They fasten with a clasp or tie with ribbons in the back :)

Camille said...

your statement necklaces are absolutely amazing! AMAZING! I love it all so very much :)

Anushka said...

Camille : Thankyou!

Chezka said...

that necklace is fabulous!!! As someone who loves her necklaces I am totally jealous right now!!!!

does the designer have a website :))

- -

Anushka said...

Chezka : Isn't it? :) No but she has a Facebook page. I've added the link in the post! :)

Jitterbug said...

I love the dress! And you've matched the shoe very well.

Anushka said...

Jitterbug : Thankyou! :)

Prutha said...

that necklace is insane