Sunday, March 13, 2011

stop the madness!

ladies of mumbai, i mean no offence, but consider this a public service announcement : 

i know they're the easiest things to slip in to when you're heading out the door, but honestly, that isn't what fashion week is about. it's about celebrating fashion by wearing your best! wearing chappals to fashion week is not only disrespectful, it's a faux pas.
nobody's going to declare a fatwa on you if you prefer flats over heels, but with so many chic (and easy!) flat options available, you have no excuse!

here, handpicked for you, are the hottest summer flats from the stores you love to frequent! leave them chappals at home, girls! let it be a fashionable fashion week! :)

{ 1. yellow boat shoes: mango, 2. heart ballet flats : accessorize, 3. gold sequin brogues : forever21, 4.tiger print ballet flats : forever21, 5. leopard ballet flats : accessorize, 6. red studded ballet flats : zara, 7. cobalt ballet flats : zara, 8. gold t-bar flat : zara, 9. coral ballet flats : mango, 10. ruffle t-bar flats : accessorize, 11. tuxedo ballet flats : zara,  12. miniature wedge sandals : zara, 13. teal ballet flats : accessorize, 14. orange plaited sandals : mango }

i apologize for the rant! how do you feel about flipflops at fashion week? share your views in the comments section!

bisou bisou,
anushka xx

p.s : proof i'm not kidding about the flipflops - check out the lower left corner of this picture. both the ladies are sitting front row and wearing them! ugh!


Angel Garcia said...

Ugh I couldn't agree more! I remember last year at fashion week in NYC I saw two girls wearing flip flops at the Anna Sui show. I was just like NOOOO!

All the best, Angel

Streak Hue Fall said...

Love the collection of shoes here!
I did a similar post on shoes a while ago..
Wonder why people still opt for flip flops with the crazy options available today!

Kristie said...

Great list of flats there! Yeah, people really need to have some variety, even in flats!! And especially for fashion week.

Nina P said...

Flip flops while hanging out = Great!
Filp flops at FW = go throw yourself under a car...
It is downright insulting and clearly displays your sad ignorance...

Anushka said...

Angel : Ew! Sometimes I really wonder if they don't have full length mirrors in their homes!

Streak Hue Fall : I know, right? It's shameful!

Kristie : Totally! :0

Nina P : Hahah I know what you mean!

I Live For It said...

Love the teal flats!!!

I Live For It

Xx. Jewls and Liza

Marusya V said...

No flipflops are allowed unless you are going to the beach!
This week is a fashion week in Melbourne! I guess there will be similar 'extravaganza' happening as Australians just love their flipflops! LOL
Marusya V
p.s. I am covering Australian fashion week, so check out my blog for the freshest fashion updates from the land of DownUnder :)

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

Flipflops are not ok ever..only if you're going to the beach..hello..

Giasaysthat said...


911Fashion said...

Lovely post! Flip-flops to Fashion week... big insult! Thanks for the information, at least we know where to find these items.
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Prerna said...

hi Anushka,

Saw the lovely options of flats you gave.
Does accessorize have a local store in mumbai??

Anushka said...

I Live For it : Me too!

Marusya V : I agree! Will do! So exciting! :)

Fashion.Makeup.Lifestyle : I agree! :)

Giasaysthat : Yay! So glad!

911 Fashion : Thankyou! Glad you agree!

Prerna : Yes! At Palladium, Atria, Inorbit and a few other malls. In fact, they're opening a new store at Linking Road soon! :)