(q) what is your real profession?
(a) i'm a fashion journalist and content writer.

(q)  who takes your pictures?
 (a) usually my very talented mom or any of my lovely friends who are willing to put up with my constant need to be photographed (for the blog, that is!)
(q)   where are your pictures taken?
(a) most of my pictures are usually taken on the street near my home or at a place/ occasion i’ve gotten dressed up for. 
(q)  do you collaborate with brands to do product promotions and reviews?
(a) i'm open to it. up untill now i've been blogging because i enjoy it, and haven't yet received any compensation for a product promotion. i only collaborate if i genuinely like / believe in a product.
(q) why do you write in lower case letters?
(a) it's part of my blog theme.
(q) do you blog full time?
(a) nope. i actually have my hands quite full juggling blogging with freelance fashion journalism and a french lessons.

(q) do you plan to start a blog store soon?
(a) nope. sorry. that just isn't my thing.

and, on a slightly more bizarre note,

(q) why do you always turn your face to the right in your pictures?
(a) i'm just more comfortable with that side of my face. weird, i know.