Saturday, August 6, 2011

the style scoop

god how i love this time of year. fashion week (not one but three of em!), endless events, parties and, in my case, a string of visitors from out of town! 
 if you've been as caught up as i have, here's the 411 you need to avoid the awkward silence and staring down at your new peep-toes when somebody asks if you've heard the latest!

although, i'd like to make a few announcements first :
  •  bombay bubble got a mini - makeover! what do you think about the look? 
  •  bombay bubble now has a spam filter for comments. it wasn't a step i wanted to take, but i was forced to, believe me. i hope you guys will still continue to comment as usual. they really do make my day :)
  • the bombay bubble facebook page was created to make it easier for you to receive updates from my blog. it is, however, not a place to post your own personal advertisements. please send me all page requests / offers via email to [email protected]
    •  i will be posting more frequently from now on.
    •  bombay bubble's content will now also include street style inspirations from around the world, monthly news updates and my own doodles and illustrations (like the one in the new blog header!)
    •  if you didn't already know, bombay bubble is on facebook and twitter. if you're not already following me there, please do! :) and if you haven't followed me here either, go ahead and do that, too, please! i'd love you for it! :)
    NOW let's get to the good stuff! 

    • emma watson is fashion's busy bee. with a new movie, an eco friendly clothing line with alberta ferretti and becoming the new face of lancome, it's a wonder how the girl still finds the time to attend university! she wins my 'most fashionable multi-tasker' award hands down!
    •  nicola formichetti (or the man behind the sartorial insanity that is lady gaga) just became the new creative director at thiery mugler! what'll happen when you pair a fashion house and a stylist both known for their provocativity? i can only imagine. although i did hear that gaga herself will be opening the show! fun!

    • blake lively, ( better known as karl lagerfeld's favourite by jealous fashionistas ) is now also the new face of stella mccartney. apparently stella thinks that she fits the bill perfectly due to her animal-cruelty free ideals. 

    •  rachel zoe just launched her own clothing line of gorgeous, beautifully tailored seperates, including a camel jacket and a tuxedo jumpsuit that i would kill for. she also just launched a line of ultra sleek lipsticks for beauty brand 'exude'.
    •  legendary 70's style icon farah fawcett is going to me immortalized with her very own barbie doll, complete with perfect blonde curls and sunny smile to boot!  
    • halston is in crisis! marios schwab, tamara mellon and sarah jessica parker have all walked out on the brand! what will happen next? will there be a style superhero to saves the day? or does this mean curtains for the halston? stay tuned!
    • gauliter just launched a line of stunning, seductive lingerie with la perla including slinky little slips and couture inspired bras designed especially for powerful, confident yet feminine women.
    • joining the ranks of lagerfeld, cavalli, jimmy choo and lanvin, the latest designer to grace h&m with a high street collaboration is none other than the magnanimous donatella. proceed to rub your hands together with greed, ladies.
    • rihanna just replaced megan fox as the new face of armani. i'll be really honest. i did not see that one coming! 
    • on this side of the globe, wendell rodricks is proving himself busy. not only is he showcasing his talent at fashion week, but designing a limited edition water bottle for himalayan mineral water and also four unique flavours for polo mints.
      that's all for today! which piece of news is your favourite? share it with me in the comments section!

      bisou bisou,
      anushka xx


      Tanvi said...

      Good to hear all the update blog and fashion world related alike! :)

      ♡ from ©

      Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

      Thanks for the updates sweety...
      Smokey Eyes with Lakme
      Dhenupurishwarar Temple

      Rain Girl said...

      Nice changes. Keep it up. However, I do hope you don't stop putting up outfit posts :P

      Anushka said...

      Tanvi : Thanks! :) Will do another update soon!

      Mitr Friend Bhushavali : Anytime! :)

      Rain Girl : Thankyou! :)Definitely! Check out the latest one!