Thursday, February 10, 2011

the black horse - 1

hey everyone! as i mentioned yesterday, i'd be doing a few fun posts to celebrate 100 followers and to build a more personal connection with you guys.

i figured, why not start by showing you a few pictures of this incredible city i'm from?
each year, bombay has the world famous 'kala ghoda arts festival' (translated as the 'black horse arts festival') where artists from all over the country showcase their talent.

if you haven't been, you should! it's brilliant! infinite creativity and a myriad of vivid colours await you around every corner!  here are a few pictures i took at the event. outfit posts to follow!


stay tuned to see what i wore to the event! 

bisou bisou,
anushka xx


raey said...

I so wanna go there..But got exams at the most horrible time of the year *sob sob* but looking at the pictures here is making up for it..Thanks Anushka :) xx

Anushka said...

Raey : Aww that's too bad! Exams suck! Good luck, though! Glad i could help! :) xx

Nuha said...

so many pretty colors! Looks like it would be tons of fun :) xoxo

Sharan said...

ACK, I never realized how much I miss being at KGAF until I saw the photos! The photos are GREAT, Nushy, thanks a million for posting them. Also -- you look better with every post! Particularly LOVE your Valentine's Day photo -- you look classier than any chick I;ve seen here (and they all go a little over the top, let me tell you) :D