Tuesday, November 29, 2011

fashion diaries

the thing about having the flu is, there's only that long you can hide out in bed flipping through glossies and nursing a giant hot chocolate. by day three i was itching for some excitement so i threw on a pair of heels, grabbed some tylenol for the road and headed out for a night of fun!

the launch of bestseller's blog, 'bestseller fashion diaries' was just what the doctor ordered. fashion's fiercest gathered at their vero moda/ only/ jack & jones store in bandra to celebrate with accessory revolutionist, little shilpa. true to form, she pimped out the store's mannequins in denim gowns, tulle bows and a purse-hat gaga would kill for!  

what do you think i should invest in from their new collection? easily stylable separates or a showstopper piece for the party season?

help me make a choice in the comments section!

bisou bisou,
anushka xx


Incessant Confuzzlement said...

I say but whatever you can lay your hands on!
Everything stands out & is so pwetty!

Sunkissed said...

Those leggings would bring such a pop of colour - Can't wait to get my hands on the orange ones :D

kanika said...

oh i luv dose leggings....n d LBD


Anonymous said...

the li'l black dress is rocking!

иidhi S said...

I love the coral jacket, LBD and the Hot pink leggings.

Well for me, whenever i am confused i always opt for stuff dats easily styled separately.

Good luck for ur pick. :)

Anushka said...

Incessant Confuzzlement : Haha I wish! Don't you just wish that you could just walk into a store and pick up anything and everything you like without feeling guilty? :D

Sunkissed : Good idea! Go for it!

Kanika : Me too! Great minds! ;)

Anonymous : Agree!

Nidhi : Thanks for the advice! :D