Sunday, August 21, 2011

window to my soul

you see them nonchalantly hanging around between shows silently screaming 'sartorially gifted' from every pore. chatting up the industry insiders or smoothly snap, snap, snapping away pictures of the equally chic from their ginormous cameras.

bloggers haven't been around lakme fashion week for very long now and, to an outsider, the job would seem relatively lucid, what with attending conferences, parties, fashion shows and spending the day with like minded individuals which is always a gratifying experience.

 and though the fun parts always outnumber the not so fun, sometimes, the
 unavailability of passes, constantly having to network and being there from start to finish (and sometimes after!) on all five days proves to be quite demanding.

so what do we do? create a home away from home, of course! now i can't speak for everyone, but here's what's inside this blogger's bag :  

·         (1) a magazine and an ipod : because it can get très boring between shows.

·         (2) water ( himalayan limited edition wendell rodricks / lakme fashion week) : for obvious reasons

·         (3) press passes / show passes : you can’t get anywhere without them

·         (4) notebook (from the fashion and you blogger conference ) : for taking notes during shows.

·         (5) pen (accessorize) : well, because you can’t take notes without a pen now, can you?

·         (6) business card holder (gas) : like i said before, networking is important. 

·         (7) cosmetic case : 2 lipsticks ( one for the day, one for the night ), a compact, hand sanitizer, mints, chanel moisturizer and a little bottle of escada perfume.

·         (8) camera with case : because I absolutely refuse to carry a d-slr! It won’t fit into any of my bags and I’m very prone to losing things. 

·         (9) a necklace and a cocktail ring : easy to stow away and help take your look from day to night in a flash.

·         (10) sunglasses / geek glasses : i’m not entirely sure why. 

·         (11) blackberry : absolutely vital for co-coordinating with other bloggers, tweeting and updating facebook from the shows, receiving press releases via email, etc.

·         (12) money and credit cards : they’re in there somewhere, i’m sure!

in addition to these, some of my blogger friends like to carry laptops/ ipads, memory cards and card readers, flash drives, portable internet drives, an umbrella, cigarettes, the show schedule, a change of clothes and a pair of flats. whew!

  this post was a very personal one for me because i feel like looking into a woman's bag is like looking into her soul. (yes, i love hyperbole!)
so now it's your turn! what's in your bag for fashion week? share it with me in the comments section! 

bisou bisou,
anushka xx


Anonymous said...

agreeeed :)

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

So true!!!
Style while Roaming

aastha said...

your bag is super cute...much better than doesn't look this nice! loveee

Anushka said...

Anonymous : Great. Thanks :)

Mitr Friend Bhushavali : :)

Aastha : Haha I'm sure yours is gorgeous, too! Thanks though :D