Sunday, August 14, 2011


wow! there sure is a lot of excitement happening in blogosphere these days! fashion week is fast approaching and brings along with it the promise of it's very first blogger convention! i can't wait to attend and meet my favourite contemporaries!

also, the lovely aranya from the billet doux has decided to discontinue her blog which has encouraged a rather heated debate on manou's blog, wearabout. if you haven't joined in yet, check it out here.
as in almost every situation in life, there are many sides to any argument. i choose to stay away from any and all drama. i do, however, wish aranya the very best in whatever she chooses to persue in the future. her blog was one of the most inspiring amongst the indian fashion set and she will be dearly missed. :)

{ skirt : hill road, shirt : bought in barcelona, clutch : hill road, necklace : hill road, watch : crawford market, sunnies : prada minimal baroque, sun ring : hill road, heart ring : gift from mom, booties : christmas present }

have you guys been following the debate? what do you think? share your views in the comments section!

biosu bisou,
anushka xx

{p.s : check me out in this month's grazia 'style hunter'!}


Giasaysthat said...

Love this outfit anuskha! :D
You look so chic!

Aditi Bhalotra said...

Love the military colour and the feminine fall of the skirt =]


Tanvi said...

Love this look!

♡ from ©

InPirateWeTrust said...

that bag is so interesting! it reminds me of a pine cone.

Erin said...

These colors together? Perfection. And you've got so many great details going on here too! What a lovely, lovely look.

The Dewey Decimals

Anonymous said...
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Shilpi.K said...

Great outfit and love your hair.

Karishma said...

Look at you! Such a diva. :*

Bryfling said...

Love this outfit! That is definitely my fav shade of green! Oh, and you already know I'm crazy about those Pradas!

And thank you for the mention. Unfortunately there's not much of a debate going on over there, or at least, nothing concerning the fashfrat. It's just an anon's personal feud against my narcissistic self haha :p

Anushka said...

Giasaysthat : Thanks, love! :)

Aditi : Thanks so much! Means a lot!

Tanvi : Thanks, hon!

InPirateWeTrust : I never thought of it that way but I guess you're right! I suppose it does look like a pine cone!

Erin : Aww thankyou! <3

Anushka said...

Shilpi K : Thankyou! :)

Karishma : Hahah! Thanks! :-*

Bryfling : Oh good I'm glad it stopped!

Prerna said...

amazing look.. All have blended so well.. where do you get that clutch and skirt on hill road?