Monday, May 2, 2011

passport to style

if it were upto me, i'd never let people in flipflops and tank tops have a boarding pass! back in the day, women used to get their hair done and dress their best to travel by air. oh for the days of high heels and perfectly coiffed hair!
luckily, mango provides us with a healthy dose of inspiration that happens to be as chic as the 1930's, but with a distinct 'now' flavour. shot by terry richardson in paris and featuring isabeli fontana as the new face of the brand, mango's SS '11 collection is sheer genius.
ladies, print these out and paste them in your scrapbooks - it's time to embrace the 'luxe traveller' in you this summer.
{ image courtesy : glamcheck }

{ image courtesy : magxone }

{ image courtesy : weheartit }

{ image courtesy : fashionista98109 }

{ image courtesy : josephine jacobsen }

{ image courtesy : glamcheck }

{ image courtesy : sunrainey }

i'm so inspired,  you'll have to hold me back from hopping onto a stack of luggage! are you loving this as much as i am? share your thoughts in the comments section!

bisou bisou,
anushka xx


Andressa said...


Tanvi said...

I would love to dress like this and travel but unfortunately I cannot stand the air conditioning so need my legs covered and the amount we have to walk in the air ports the heels would make me miss my plane! :P But after I de-board the plane this is exactly how I would look too :P

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Style Drive said...

haha love the pictures! I dress my worst by which i mean super comfortable when travelling but this made me rethink!

Rain Girl said...

Love it!! These are so awesome. Thank you for sharing these - am gonna add them to my inspiration folder right now ;)

love your blog - and thanks for dropping by on my blog too :)you would love my other blog more, though -


Pithsala said...

Oh, if only I looked that good while travelling! :D

As I Like It

geet said...

wow!!! thanks for the pics.. i love the first pic the most, red jeans and cream blazer.. looks so chic.. where can i find em here in india?? mango has em all??

geet said...

love the pics.. thanks for it..

kritika.m1 said...

I totally love these pictures. Its making me think about how comfy my clothes are when I travel. Not a flip flop person, but wow! I would love to travel stylish and chic ;) Must consider it :)

Zarna said...

i love these travel inspirations! i always dress up when i go to the airport (i have to wear my biggest heels bc my luggage is usually packed lol!)

Angel Garcia said...

I remember one of the first posts I ever did was about airport fashion. I despise when people go all sloppy. I know that you want to be as comfortable as possible but you never know who you will meet at the airport on or on the plane! I always keep it classy and dressed up. Great post!


Anonymous said...

Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

Anushka said...

Andressa : :) :)

Tanvi : I agree it isn't the most practical, but I suppose we could draw inspiration from it but wear it with flats! :)

Styledrive : It made me rethink, too! I usually wear boring black / grey while I travel!

Rain Girl : Thanks! :) Glad u like it here! Will def stop by your other blog as well! :)

Pithsala : Haha well hopefully this will inspire you! :)

Anushka said...

Geet : Your welcome! :) I'm sure Mango will be stocking them soon, if they haven't already. Or else you could always buy them online or search for similar items.

Kritika : So glad you liked it! :)

Zarna : You're a girl after my own heart! I love dressing up for the airport, too! :D

Angel : That's right! Didn't you end up meeting Miranda Kerr on the flight you posted about?! So lucky! See, everyone! This is why you should look chic when you travel! Check out Angel's blog!

Anonymous : Thankyou! :)

frenchleaveblog said...

Dang dang dang I freaking love this collection. Very very me! Minus the heels though!

ishikarulz said...

WHOAAAA !! i thought it was only me who dressed to nine's while travelling. I saw , saw and saw the pictures again and again ... lovely !!

Tanusha @

Anushka said...

Frenchleaveblog : Love it too! :)

Ishikarulz : They inspired me too! Love em!