Friday, May 13, 2011

the new black

come summertime, colour is the name of the game. blocking it, however, isn’t always as easy as purple – blue – green. calling it tricky is an understatement. even the fiercest of the fash pack crash and burn in their colour blocking abilities (or lack thereof!) 

stay ahead of the class by picking a self colourblocked item– these genius multitaskers are just the no - brainers you need to pass the trend test with flying colours, novice or pro!

{ 1.versus colorblock crepe mini, 2. versus cutout colorblock mini, 3. bally colorblock dress, 4. diane von furstenburg jumpsuit, 5. jonathon saunders mini dress, 6. the outnet silk habotai dress }

{ 1. pierre hardy wedge, 2. zara colorblock sandals, 3. diego dolcini sandals, 4. missing stay tuned 5. charlotte olympia satin colorblock pumps, 6. charlotte olympia colorblock satin pumps }

{ 1. versus colorblock bag, 2. bill blass clutch, 3. brazil multi color gradulated collar necklace, 4. louis vuitton earrings, 5. tom binns ehno teknik necklace, 6. toast elasticated multicoloured band, 7. masai navaajo queen bangle }

ladies, how are your experiments with colour blocking going these days? share your stories in the comments section!

biosu bisou,
anushka xx


Anupriya Dutta said...

I love the Diane Von Furstenburg jumpsuit and I have actually seen the Jonathan Saudars mini dress on The September Issue, I think. Lovely post! I am following you!!

Abstruse Dreamer said...

Oh such pretty shoes!!

Anushka said...

Anupriya : Thanks!

Abstruse Dreamer : Thankyou!

whengeekmetchic said...

Love the post! So colourful!!! and the shoes..!!!!! love them

Anushka said...

Whengeekmetchic : Thanks! :) x

(Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle) said...

Loving this post so much..absolutely love the colors so much.


fashmark said...

love love love color block, it's just perfect! great post :)

Anushka said...

Fashion.Makeup.Lifestyle : Thankyou! :D

Fashmark : Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :)