Sunday, April 3, 2011

long time no see

i know, i know! it's been a while! but believe me when i say i missed you all so much! i didn't mean to go awol on you guys, but i've been going through a few ups and downs in my life and haven't been in the best frame of mind to write. thanks so much to my gorgeous girls, tanvi and aayushi for swooping in like the angels they are and saving me! :) 

since i last posted, i took a trip across the state, was offered a couple of exciting career opportunities, attended a fab garage sale organized by the lovely aastha and dhruvi from 'from the rabbit hole', finally got a new closet and spent quality time with family and friends.

nothing too monumental, i know (well, besides the closet!). but these coupled with a couple of hundred other things have kept me insanely busy! i pledge to post regularly from now on. but for now, i leave you with these pictures i took a little while ago!

{ dress : gift from mom, jacket : old navy, tights : le bijou, shoes : random store, bangles : colaba, clutch : gift from sharmeen, belts : gifts from mom }

what's been up with you guys? fill me in in the comments section!

bisou bisou,
anushka xx

{ P.S : who wants to win vouchers worth rs. 1000 from VERO MODA AND ONLY?! read tomorrow's post for the deets! )


Tanvi said...

Good to have you back!!! Love the burst of colors (as usual) and those tights are out and out winner!

♡ from ©

Raey said...

Great to see you back anushka!! The dress is pretty & loved the tights!!

aastha said...

was really fun to see you yesterday...we should one day meet and just have coffee...take care sweetie

Dhruvi Shah said...

I have to correct you Anushka. Aastha and I organized the sale together. It's called From the Rabbit Hole. Thanks.

Anushka said...

Tanvi : Thankyou, thankyou! How u been?

Raey : It's good to be back! :) Thanks for the kind words! :)

Aastha : It really was! I'd love to! Will text u! :) Tc xo

Dhruvi : I'm so sorry! I don't know how I made such a silly mistake! Hope I didn't offend you! Made the appropriate changes! :)

The.Mystic said...

Welcome back! Looking lovely as always!

Sapna said...

Luv the colour blockin! keep it up!

Kalpna said...

I wannnttt the vero moda voucher! What do i hafta do to winnnn?

Masoom R. Minawala said...

I love the color burst ! Looking lovely as always :)

Dhruvi Shah said...

Hey. No issues. :) & I agree with Aastha, let's meet up over coffee :)

Bombs of Beauty said...

i adore those tights. so jealous! wonderful eye :)

have a beautiful day,

sandhyaa said...

so many colors but perfectly balanced!!!
v nice tightes ... love the look... !

Prutha said...

digging ur style...

come check out my blog too...i think ull like it...

Femme Fatale said...

I love this outfit!! perfect pops of color! great dress!

ClassyandFabulous said...

wow love the tights

Anushka said...

The Mystic : Aww thanks so much!

Sapna : Thanks! I tend to colour block more with accessories than I do with clothes! :P

Kalpna : Follow the instructions in the next post! :)

Masoom : Thanks, girl! :)

Dhruvi : Sure! Sounds good! :)

Bombs of Beauty : Thankyou so much!

Sandhya : Aww thankyou!

Prutha : I've heard so much about you! Definitely will!:)

Femme Fatale : Thankyou! :)

Classyandfabulous : Thanks! Glad u like em! :)