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ANTM 14 In a Nutshell {Part I}

If you love ANTM as much as I do but missed an episode or two, read on for the fashion, catfighights, glamour and tears! feel Free to skip ahead to the episode you missed.

{ cycle 14, episode 1} 
32 long legged hotties (including teen moms, opera singers, cult members and biker chicks saved by Jesus) arrived in LA with dreams of making it as America’s Next Top Model.  Their first challenge -  to set up a ‘My Fierce’ page with a stellar profile photo (channeling their favourite supermodel) and a video of their runway walk. The best 13 would be chosen by Tyra to be a part of her MyFierce network.
The chosen 12 then traveled to NYC where they met with Perez Hilton  and the 13th contestant – sophisticated, edgy Ren, at the Madame Toussades wax mussum. The girls then proceeded to get makeovers! Oh how I love a good before and after (and the drama that ensues!)
Back at the apartment, disagreements erupted between Ren and Alaysia, Naduah’s tall tales didn’t match up and Angelea made everyone nervous with her negativity and short fuse.
. { pictures from naduah's myfierce page }

{episode 2 }
Jay turned on the heat when he announced that the girl’s first ever shoot would be in the nude! ‘Goody two shoes’ Jessica stunned us all as she emerged with the best photo while spunky little Gabrielle was sent home. 
The next day, the girls were taken to a runway class with Miss J where he taught them how to unbutton a jacket on the runway (start at the bottom and work your way up!)
The lesson was a prep to walk in a Rachel Roy show where there’d be pendulums on the runway! They had to time their walks such that they wouldn’t get hit! All the girls managed okay except poor Alexandra who was hurled off stage, tore the dress and cut her knee! Eventually, Brenda won the challenge and an outfit by Rachel Roy. 
At the next shoot, the girls had to sell a fast disappearing perfume while withstanding the bitter cold and rain! At the judging, Raina won ‘Best Photo’ and Naduah was sent home.  

{ tatianna on the rachel roy runway }
{ episode 3 }
As a model, it’s important to know the iconic people shaping the fashion industry. So, the girls were divided into two teams and taken on the ‘Fab Bus’ for a mini trivia game hosted by Tocarra Jones. The winning team was taken on a go-see to the hq of and the girl who booked the go-see ( Simone) won a 2500$ gift certificate. Meanwhile, the losing team had to unpack boxes and take inventory in the Bluefly storage room.
On the home front, Anslee and Brenda squabbled and Ren whined about how she missed her family and hated being in the Top Model house.

Next, the girls had to work a shoot inspired by different dance forms. Alaysia won best photo and Ren chose to leave voluntarily. (Wow! Talk about an insult! She was handpicked by Tyra!)

{ alaysia - 'interpretive dance' }

 { episode 4}
The girls were made to taking an impromtu acting class to prepare for their next challenge  - creating a 30 second commercial (each!) for Dania Ramirez, the face Covergirl Clean foundation that would be broadcasted on the Times Square jumbotron (scary!) Eventually, Tattiana won the challenge – her face would be on!
Next, the girls were taken to a shoot called ‘America’s Next Top Vampire’ (I am so over the world’s Vampire fixation! Are you?) A shoot with a male model, in a tub of blood wearing fangs and whiteout lenses (ew!)
Alaysia won best photo again while Simone was sent home.

{ tyra, nigel barker and dania ramirez at the episode 4 eliminations }

{episode 5 } 
While at a shoot with a male model, chemistry is key. To help the girls break the ice, Miss J took them on a tram with a mystery model (Nigel Barker!) who they’d have to make comfortable enough to create good chemistry with. It was a fun exercise, but I could NOT believe my eyes when goodie goodie Jessica practically assaulted Nigel with a super aggressive come on!
The exercise was practice for their next shoot - in steamy lingerie with comedian Ross Matthews! Eventually, Jessica won the challenge and $6000 diamond earrings! Wow!
The next shoot was insane amounts of fun! The theme was ‘fake’ so the girls had to dress in head to toe false everything! The location? Why, New York’s home of designer fakes, of course! Canal Street! Jessica emerged with best photo, while Tatianna was sent packing.
{ krista }  
{episode 6} 
The girls were taken to the main office of 17 Magazine where they were taught how to dress for their body shape .They then dressed in their evening best to impress Tinsely Mortimer and build contacts at the launch of her new handbag line. Jessica won the challenge ( a cover for 17 magazine) and picked Brenda and Raina to be featured with her.
Next, the girls were made to ride the New York subway for a Covergirl photoshoot. The theme of the shoot was really interesting – the girls were to portray all the different kinds of New York women! Angelea won best photo and Brenda was sent home (sob!)

 On the home front, there was a huge divide in the house, everybody faught, yelled an cried while Alexandra seemed to have ‘lost her light’

{ raina 'east village rockabilly' } 
{episode 7 }
The girls were taken by Pat Cleveland and the gorgeous Whitney Port to a drag bar where they performed a ‘runway walk with personality’ while the audience decided who they liked best. Krista won the challenge and tons of free clothes from Whitney’s new collection! (jealous!)
At home, Alaysia was frustrating all the girls since she was always late for everything. They eventually left without her and when she tried to leave, the elevator stopped working! Haha! Lesson learned!
The outfit from the girls’ next shoot were all made completely out of human HAIR! Creepy!  Krista won best photo and first class tickets to their new international destination – New Zealand! (I’m sorry but I just can’t get excited about that no matter how hard I try!) Anslee was sent back home.

{ jessica }

Sorry for the long post, ladies! Check back next sunday for Part II (the last 5 episodes). Meanwhile, keep watching ANTM weeknights at 10pm on BIG CBS Love.
bisou bisou,
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