Saturday, March 5, 2011

total matte-ness!

the nail in a fashionista's designer coffin? why, not experimenting with her nails, of course!
seriously though, every few months the fashion world goes gaga over the latest nail polish shade. (remember chanel's 'jade'?) luckily for us, fashion heavyweights are thinking out of the 'polished to perfection' box and are starting to experiment with texture!
say hello to beauty's newest darlings - matte nails! less preppy, more edgy, a matte mani is the chicest beauty accessory to be seen with this season!
true to form and up to trend, opi and zoya impressed with their range, while essie took the cake for creating a matte top coat, 'matte about you' that can turn your favourite shade matte, sans fuss!

{ image courtesy : picture 1 (dottiek), picture 2 ( simpleparcel ), picture 3 (yourkloset) opi's 'gargantuan green apple', 'la paz-itively hot', 'russian navy' }

if you're in the mood to diy, head down to the craft store, pick out a pretty shade of poster colour and paint away!  

bisou bisou,
anushka xx
note : the poster colour idea is strictly for fun. i haven't personally tried it and am not responsible for any health hazards that may occur upon trial.


Pithsala said...

Oooh. I'm in love with matt colorus as well.
I'm not too sure about the poster colours but I just bought two lovely matt nail polish today. :)

Tanvi said...

That blue has my name written all over it :)

from ©

Alyssa Nicole said...

I love the green and magenta colors since they fit my spring wardrobe consisting of florals and feminine details :)

Mariloé said...

I love nail polish and these colors are very beautiful!

Chatterazzi said...

love this trend! super chic!

Kristie said...

Woah! Loving that velvety blue matte shade!


ledoubleve said...

HOW COOL! I wonder if you can write on it with chalk, like chalkboard?

ledoubleve said...

HOW COOL! I wonder if you can write on your nails with chalk, like chalkboard?

Nihmen T. said...

I love these colors! I need to try matte nails sometime, they look really chic. Great post :)

Meg.Meh.P. ( said...

Thanks a ton for sharing this,.. I was looking for something like this, but wasn't sure where and how!

I want matte!


Anushka said...

Pithsala : How cool? Where from?

Tanvi : And mine's written all over the magenta! :D

Alyssa Nicole : I love how you related them to the florals! Great idea! :)

Mariloe : Glad u liked it! :)

Chatterazzi : I know! Can't wait to try it! :)

Anushka said...

Kristie : Me too! :)

Ledoubleve : I like the way ur mind works!! Totally cool idea!

Nihmen T : Aww thanks! So glad I inspired u! :)

Meg. Meh. P : Anytime! :) Glad i could help!

Miss Vintage said...

I was totally floored by matte earlier, but I have a new crush now, suede...

Anushka said...

Miss Vintage : Cool! :)

Raey said...

The hot pink is such a stunner. Can't wait to get my hands on it! Love the navy blue too!

Anushka said...

Raey : Me too! :)