Tuesday, February 8, 2011

one night in tokyo

 i don't know about you, but the one trend that i can't wait to debut this summer has gotta be 'harajuku'! (fashion) forward thinking gwen wasn't wrong when she started her line a couple of years ago. tokyo street style is where it's at!

what i love most about the harajuku girls is that they don't shy away from experimentation. instead, the rebels of style pile on all the bright colours,cute prints and accessories they find! 

not a trend for the faint - hearted, get the look by throwing together bright heels with funky prints and lots of layers. don't forget to add in a little hello kitty! (because epic cuteness never goes out of style!)

{ 1. hello kitty studded face bag, 2. hello smartie wallet, 3. harajuku lovers tote, 4. lulu guinness lips perspex clutch, 5. nordstrom sequin enamel bangles. image courtesy : the princess blog }

{ 1. harajuku lovers plastic heart necklace, 2. betsey johnson red lips dome ring, 3. harajuku lovers glitter girls ring, 4. kate spade 'fiona' flats, 5. phase eight disco shell necklace, 6. shikica tokyo fringe bag, old navy womens' 'find true love' t-shirt. image courtesy : fortyflirtyfabulous }

check out gwen stefani's 'harajuku lovers' website here. it's adorable!

bisou bisou,
anushka xx

{ p.s : what do you guys think of the new blog name and header? please do let me know! }


Chatterazzi said...

love the hello kitty smarty wallet. super cute!yeah, i like this trend a lot too, a few little pieces added can make an outfit look so much fun.

Chatterazzi said...
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Chatterazzi said...

P.S love the change! ;)

Anonymous said...

i love harajuku lovers too ,(:

Anushka said...

Chatterazzi : Thankyou! :) I totally agree! :)

Anonymous : Great minds think alike, eh? :) :P

stephaniejoellelouise said...

So cute! Reminds me of the magazine Vivi. Do you know that magazine? (from Japan)

Anushka said...

Stephaniejoellelouise: Thanks! No I haven't. I'm sure it's good, though. Will look it up :)