Thursday, February 10, 2011

the black horse - 2

double post today in celebration of 'bombay bubble' reaching 100 followers! be sure to check out the first part of this post to know where i am and what exactly i'm doing.
these pictures were taken against a piece of installation art by (i knew i should have written her name down!) i think it was my favourite at the festival, though. girly, shiny, colourful and fun - what's not to love?
i chose to wear a casual outfit to the festival - something that looked fun and creative, but was cool enough to walk around in under the warm afternoon sun.who said fashion can't be practical? :)
{ top : hill road, stirrup jeggings : h&m, shoes : hill road, bag : globus, bangles : colaba, necklace : hill road, ring : colaba }

also, i really want to thank my mom, perseus, virginia and all my friends who have supported my by taking outfit pictures, offering support, supplying ideas and just generally being the best entourage a girl could ask for!
bisou bisou,
anushka xx


Meg.Meh.P. ( said...

love the outfit... and congrats on your 100 followers success
and! that bag!!! proenza inspired! where did you get that from?


Anushka said...

Meg Meh P : Thanks so much! I forgot to include the outfit details! Thanks for reminding me! Would you believe the bag is from Globus? :P

DeniseAngela said...

gorgeous outfit, love your new blog and the art background! So modern!

SummerSkin said...

Haha that bag does not look like its from Globus. I love it..great find!

Giasaysthat said...

i did check these satchel like bags in globus but they had these weird gold designs on them or there was something wrong with them which didn't make them look classy!
I liked the blue one though :D

Anushka said...

DeniseAngela : Thank you! I'm so touched! :)

Summer : I know!! :D Haha! Actually I liked another one, but got this one at half the price! :)

Giasaysthat : Strange! This was the only one in this design (quite a freak chance actually) but I did see a few other nice ones there..

Anonymous said...

I like your style, I went through the archives. (that rhymes!)
Please don't be offended, its just an observation, that in quite a few posts, your hair (and the sunglasses) kinda overwhelms the outfit, its all you can see.
You have great hair, you should try styling it differently for your shoots. It would make such a difference!
good luck!

Masoom R. Minawala said...

OMG. I have the SAME baggggg :D In baby pink. But not from Globus! - From a boutique at Kemps Corner. Anyhow, I love it! Like lots! :D

Anushka said...

Masoom : REALLY? Yay! Now we're satchel sisters! :D :P haha

Jahn 'n Style said...

love the bag and the top

congrats on crossing 100 followers!! :):)

Anushka said...

Anonymous : Thanks so much for the suggestion. I understand exactly what u mean. :) Will keep it in mind!

Jahn : Thankyou! :)

Anuja Karve said...

Haha.. I was sitting on the amphitheatre at Kala Ghoda, just looking around and observing people. And then I see this girl posing one picture after another in front of the installation, and I wondered what was happening..haha. And I landed up on the blog totally randomly and then it made sense! Good going :)

Anushka said...

Anuja : omg! U actually saw me?! Haha that is so cool! :)