Monday, December 13, 2010

easy A+

sell your day clutches on ebay, girls! this season sees the return of 'back to school' with the hottest new bag on the block - the satchel.

take a cue from fashion's golden girls - blake lively, rachel bilson and alexa chung. sling one in a primary colour over your shoulder to add instant interest to dull winter monochrome or pick a subtle brown or black that'll go with everything. 

the mulberry 'oversized alexa' in the prettiest shade of plum earns maximum style marks in my book!

{ 1. asos red leather satchel, 2. asos green leather satchel, 3. asos yellow leather satchel
4. asos cobalt leather satchel, 5.dorothy perkins choc chain satchel 6. proenza schouler leather satchel }

{ image courtesy: 1.fashiongossip10, 2.sarah mcmanus styling , 3.beverly.livejournal }

what are you planning on stashing in your satchel? share it with me in the comments section!

bisou bisou,
anushka xx

p.s: a special thanks to my friend nelly for requesting more trend reports! your wish is my command! :)


Mandie said...

i love that yellow one!! i may have to invest!! :)


Chatterpants said...

Hi, great post! This post was so apt for me! :). I've been quite a fan of satchels and i recently just bought the Mulberry Neely in Tomato. loooove it! i was considering the Alexa(gorgeous)but decided to buy the Neely. The color just gives it so much more! I quite like the no. 4 Asos cobalt satchel you mentioned as well! :)

Shalysse said...

Anushka, your blog is so gorgeous and I agree with Nelly with wanting more trend reports because they are awesome! I love the satchel bags at the moment but haven't considered buying one yet. I'm loving the cobalt blue from ASOS, and they have free shipping at the moment hmm... The Proenza Shouler is definitely my favourite of all of them though. (:

Masoom R. Minawala said...

Im adoring this trend :) Love ALL of them!

Anushka said...

Mandie: I know what u mean! I saw a really cute cobalt one I'm dying to get my hands on! :)

Chatterpants: Thanks! Would love to see pics of those beautiful bags! When you do an outfit post with them, please send me the link! :)

Shalysse: Thanks so much! I've seen one really similay to the ASOS one but I don't know if i want to spend so much!

Massom: Thanks! :)

Ryan Ball said...

What a great trend report, your blog's a really good read. I love the ASOS yellow satchel...


Anushka said...

Ryan: Thankyou! That means a lot to me :)