A Little {Orange Surprise}


Being a bride-to-be is an incomparably  special time. And while I shamelessly admit to enjoying every second of my friends ooh-ing and aah-ing over my ring, feeling like a princess at every wedding dress fitting and having my family actually offer to buy me presents, my excitement was elevated to a whole other level when a bright orange bag, a signature of only Hermès was delivered to my home last week.


To be honest, it couldn’t have come at a better time as we were in the process of making some pretty big decisions about the wedding that week, and I needed a little pick-me-up to relieve the stress.


I slowly untied the brown Hermès ribbon holding the two bag handles together, and dove for the little white envelope accompanying a happy orange box, just waiting to be opened.


Sealed within the envelope was a card with a little bird on it, addressed to me from Ashita, head of communications at Hermès. It read, “Dear Anushka, Congratulations on your engagement and your upcoming nuptials. We look forward to the international travels of Bombay Bubble!”


If that wasn’t sweet enough, I finally opened up the box to reveal four chevron striped drawstring bags, concealing four fragrances from their ‘Hermèssence’ range.


Poivre Samarcnade’ being a fiery pepper softened by smooth wood which was vibrant, tender and intriguing.


Ambre Narguilè was the honey of amber combined with oriental swirls which was sensual and enveloping.


Iris Ukiyoè (my favourite) was a lively and delicate interpretation of unsuspected iris flower scents and was nuanced, vivacious and unsuspected.


And the last one, Paprika Basil, had the ravishing power of Paprika and brasil wood, softened by iris, and was ardent, disarming and seductive.


I plan to spray these on my pulse points – on my wrists, behind my ears and behind my knees whenever I have another stressful week or need an extra dose of heaven to help get me through the day. These relaxing, sensual fragrances and a read through the A/W ’14 edition of the Hermès magazine, Le Monde D’Hermès was just the kind of downtime I needed to regroup, recover and regain fighting form for all the planning ahead!


Thank you so much, Ashita and team Hermès for spoiling me with this wonderful gift!