Here Begins {A New Chapter}


I remember sitting at this very desk a couple of years ago, writing out a rather feminist blog post as a twenty something single girl wondering if she’ll ever find true love, or what it even meant. Luckily, I feel so blessed to announce that I finally have! (Details of how he popped the question here)


While my wonderful fiance, James, and I are having a non-denominational white wedding, I know that all brides, irrespective of geography, age, language, religion, cast or creed, share the same hopes, dreams, fears and anxieties deep inside.


Which is why I have decided to start a wedding series, with a new post each week, to share my inspirations, list unheard of vendors in the city and talk about all the things blushing brides-to-be aren’t supposed to (hello, wedding jitters!). So go ahead – ask me your most pressing wedding questions and shower me with requests of the posts you’d like to read. This section is as much about you as it is me!


I’m so excited to share the next chapter of my life with you, right from the ring to the walk down the isle to Happily Ever After! Let the celebrations begin!



  • Pallavi Chaturvedi


  • Urvi Pareek

    Many congratulations girl… I am soo happy for you

  • thedelhibride

    Congratulations! Just discovered your blog because I’m a wedding obsessed blogger :) Looking forward to reading all about your journey! Feel free to drop a line if you need any help :)