#OOTD Poppy Turns One


Every month, yours truly takes a printout of a calender and posts it proudly on the little notice board near the front door in our home, with all the important dates marked on it for the month. I love the feeling of accomplishment a sense of structure by means of co-ordinated schedules brings to my life, but more on my OCD tendencies later.


This month, however, took me fairly by surprise because somewhere between our wedding, moving house (country, rather), making new friends and keeping in touch with the old ones, learning how to be a half decent spouse, trying to navigate the murky waters of household chores, plus old and new jobs – the months have whizzed by and our little Princess Poppy is ready to turn one!


I’ve owned dogs all my life, as has James, but this is the first dog we’ve been parents to. And that has been a bit of a challenge sometimes, what with having to put up with days when she throws up on the bed right after you’ve changed the sheets, when she runs out the front door and into the fields behind the house leaving you to chase after her in your pajamas while the neighbours watch, her chasing after other dogs to make friends but refusing to come back to you when called, grabbing the back of your trousers when you’re going up the stairs so you trip and chewing on your brand new coffee table before you’ve even had a chance to put a beverage down on it. And don’t even get me started on how she feels she suddenly needs attention right when we decide to take a little time out to be by ourselves.


All that being said, on days when I’ve missed home, she sat right by me and licked the tears off my face. On days when we’ve needed space, taking her on a walk has helped clear our heads. On days when we argue, she always does something funny to make us laugh and diffuse the situation. On days when we’ve been overwhelmed with work, a game of fetch (which she is a pro at – seriously, I’m talking Olympic level) has proven to be the best stress-buster of all time. Which is why, we’re so lucky, thankful and grateful for our little bundle of fluff. Before she came into my life, I never understood what the term ‘rewarding’ really meant when people used it to describe having children. Having her has helped me be a more nurturing person, and has prepared us both for big things the future might throw our way. With one wag of her feather-like tail, she helped make our little family complete and will always be in our hearts as our ‘first-born child’.

While we’re not the kind of crazy dog parents to throw her a puppy party, we’re celebrating by taking her on a long walk in a beautiful forest not too far from where we live, to a pub for lunch where they allow dogs (and even have a doggie menu!) and are giving her her favourite treats, a new toy and a bright red harness to match her leash and collar because she’s fashionable like that.


Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, I dressed up in her favourite colour for occasion, too. This little red floral dress by Peacocks is everything I’ve been feeling for summer and is 100% Poppy-approved. I checked.


If you’re as excited about our little munchkin’s birthday as we are, leave her a birthday wish in the comments section below and we’ll make sure she gets your message!




Dress, Shoes: Peacocks

Denim Jacket: Colaba (similar here)

Bag: Stalk Buy Love

Sunglasses: DKNY (similar here)

Watch: Larsson and Jennings

Ring: Youshine (similar here)

Bangle: The Snob Shop

Necklace: RHEA jewellery








  • http://sampzandsuch.blogspot.com/ Sampada

    Awww happy birthday to Poppy!
    This is such a lovely, heart-warming post :)


  • Hrituparna Mandal

    belated happy birthday poppy!! such a bundle of joy she is.. i remember looking at her videos which uploaded on instagram during my exam days just a stress reliever. I didnt see this post earlier. Can u always insta post as a update that u uploaded a new blog post… it will help us readers to keep a check :) and again… happy birthday poppy!!! we all love you so much :*