moongphali wali


{ dress : mom’s closet, blazer : bought in spain, shoes : random lokhandwala boutique, bag : mahim market, cuff : hill road, belt : bought in dubai, sunglasses : colaba }
Photography : Upasana Jain

Even the fiercest label-sporting glamazon has to admit that sometimes, there is a certain beauty in simplicity. And though I may not be able to apply that to my wardrobe choices, my life is a different affair.

Though it isn’t always apparent through my pictures or the line I’m in, taking a train and running off to Fashion Street, pelting singchana at mushy couples on Valentine’s Day, eating bhutta in the rain or feeding a stray dog are things I cherish most in my downtime.

After all, isn’t life about slowing down, enjoying the simple pleasures this city has to offer and just stopping once in a while to breathe?

I’d love to hear what you think. Talk to me in the comment box.

Bisou bisou,


  • Roxanne

    Lovely outfit. Love that dress. Your mom is soo chic!
    And who ever takes your pictures, does a really fab job!

    Can I get some chana now?

  • TM

    love ur shoes..!..they totally dunt luk lyk smthin frm a “random store”..n yes simplicity has its own joys.. :)

  • Shubhi

    Haha…I love the theme!
    And yoyr outfit is bang-on for the monsoon, its colourful, an oh-so-chic!


  • Eshna

    Thats one really creative post anushka. :)
    And btw totally dig those shoes.

  • Ishani

    The bag! where in Mahim market did you find it??!

  • Love, Miffalicious.

    Eh A! You’re looking gorgeous. There’s a very lovely glow about you, hmm;) Also, adore the dress and it’s colours.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  • Abhi mehta

    love the dress…colours r so fun :)

    love browsing thru ur blog….do visit mine too….would love it if u cud follow…

    hope to hear from u :)

  • Sayantani Saha

    I is about slowing down sometimes and enjoying the small things! I absolutely adore the dress!

  • Mitr Friend – Bhushavali

    Anushka, love your dress. Absolutely gorgeous…
    And very innovative photography. Too good…
    ‘NO-MAKEUP’ Makeup – Fashion Panache

  • Bollywood Fashion Police

    Hi, I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award; please visit my website for more details.

  • Rhea

    Love this outfit! :)