#OOTD Second Summer


After my wedding, friends and family warned me about ‘bride blues’ and said that it is completely natural for a new bride to feel a sense of uneasiness and displacement when realization hits that the day she had been planning for her whole life was finally over. That the manic buzz of wedding planning fuelled by coffee and adrenaline was replaced by ‘alone time’ to ‘relax’ and ‘recover’.


And while I did find it very strange to not have my phone buzzing every 37 seconds, I was lucky enough to escape the bride blues relatively unscathed thanks to constant distraction by way of plans with friends, a holiday to plan and a new job. However, our honeymoon in Italy was such a dream, that I suffered from a major case of honeymoon heaviness when we got back to the UK.

{PHOTOGRAPHY} Askara Zagday at Yellow Pixel

Having lived in Bombay my whole life, I positively thrived in the 35 degree Italian sunshine and adored wearing the bright new sundresses, poppy printed tops, summer hats and sandals I bought specifically for the occasion.


But when we got back to the UK, the perpetual chill coupled with the thought of the days getting shorter and darker by 3pm, having to pack away my honeymoon wardrobe and replace it with seven layers of clothing every day brought on a major case of ‘winter woes’ (yes, it is totally thing).


Luckily, my trip back home to Bombay has served as the perfect little extension of summer. The warm balmy October weather enjoyed by evenings at seaside bars sipping chilled drinks with friends has me maximizing the mileage on my holiday wardrobe, giving me some much needed closure to my endless love affair with summer.


Two weeks of this and I’m already feeling a little more ready to dive into my faux furs and boots. But for now, I’m going to enjoy overalls, happy blouses and sunglasses during my own little personal ‘second summer’.


{OUTFIT DETAILS} Overalls: Gap bought at Oxfam (similar here) | Blouse: Peacocks | Shoes: Peacocks | Bag: Stalk Buy Love | Rings and bracelets: Hill Road (similar here)| Sunnies: Borrowed from mom (similar here)