Step Into {My Office}


In my past few years being a writer and blogger, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is how to manage my time effectively, to get the most out of my day productively. And while a younger, more immature me never understood why people splash their cash on a watch when a cell phone does the trick, I’ve recently come to realize that a sturdy, dependable watch that ranks high on style really helps you stay on top of things and take charge of your day like you never have before.


I’ve been wearing the beautiful, ‘Classic Glasgow‘ watch by Daniel Wellington, a British watch company that houses a host of preppy timepieces for both, men and women based on different cities in England and their signature classic styles. Understated sophistication by way of clean lines and minimalist design had it blending seamlessly with everything in my wardrobe, without stealing the limelight from an outfit.


One week of it sitting happily on my wrist and I noticed that I was planning my day better, to the point that I’d developed a schedule I actually enjoyed (a huge deal for somebody who has despised the word ‘routine’ since her first day in primary school). And while a typical day in my life used to be a haphazard attempt at making events and meeting deadlines in a frenzy, (and sometimes, it still can be since being a writer means you never really know what you’re going to be hit with when you wake up in the morning), here’s what an average day in my life looks like now:



10.00am: I start my day with a healthy breakfast of fruit, oats and green tea while I browse through the latest fashion magazines and my favourite blogs from across the world, looking for inspiration on posts my readers might enjoy, photography techniques I could employ and trends that I need to stay updated with.


11.00am: Sit down at my desk after breakfast and getting dressed, ready to answer emails from prospective clients, collaborators, brands and the press. This usually takes a while since I tend to be very careful about the brands I associate myself with and weigh the pros and cons of each one carefully, from a blogger’s perspective, the brand’s and my readers’.


12.00pm:  Run through the latest blog post a couple of times and make any necessary picture and text edits. I then upload and publish the post and share it with my followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


1.30pm: I break for lunch and settle down with my iPad for my daily dose of carbs and my guilty pleasure, Pinterest. I have three accounts with about thirty boards on each, ranging from career goals to healthy recipes, decor ideas and trend moodboards. One account may even have a secret Dream Wedding board. (What? Every girl has one!)


2.00pm: Oddly enough, the afternoons are when I get most calls from PR agencies. Bloggers often joke about how PR agents have replaced people from banks that disturb your afternoon siesta by offering you credit cards and insurance, but we secretly like hearing about new products, exciting launches, collaborations and events.


2.30pm: I sift through the over-burdened rack of clothes that sits near my desk with outfit options for shoots and upcoming events, planning what to wear when, where and with what. Once I have a clearer idea, I set about calling photographers, discussing shoot concepts, locations and arranging available dates to shoot.


3.00pm: I don’t indulge in caffeine often, but on days when I need a pick-me-up, and if I feel like I still have a few leftover calories, I’ll indulge myself with a Starbucks when it’s time for a break. If I’m feeling peckish, I’ll usually reach for some green tea, a fruit or some nuts to keep me going.


4.00pm: This is usually when I head out to shoot and to be shot. The lighting is divine at 4pm – not too bright and not too dark with just the right amount of shadows to make pictures look more interesting.


5.30pm: If you’ve planned a shoot in advance, it usually doesn’t take very long to execute and when I get back home, I spend a little time catching up on some reading or soaking up some more inspiration. I love always being ‘switched on’ and being able to draw inspiration from everything around me.


6.30pm: This is when I wrap up my blog work for the day. Unless urgent, I respond to all emails that come in after this time for the next day, shut shop and head out to the park for a jog in the fresh air.


 If you’re a sucker for a schedule, are looking for motivation to get your life on track or just love a good accessory, a Daniel Wellington watch is worth investing in. Streamlined, classic and never likely to go out of style, mine has been eyeballed by almost everyone when I wear it out.They also deliver very quickly, which is great if you want to get your mum one for Mother’s Day this Sunday (11th May).


And the best news is, they’re offering a 15% discount off any watch on their website to all Bombay Bubble readers! Just use the code ‘bombaybubble‘ when you’re checking out! Happy Shopping!


Photography: Parizad D