#OOTD Summer in the Countryside


You can take the girl out of the big city, but you can never take the big city of of the girl…or can you?


Call me a bit of an oddball, but I usually spend my vacations doing anything but relaxing. I pick a city in the world that’s historic, artistic and possibly more manic than the one I’m from and spend my time whizzing in and out of museums, tour buses, busy markets and even busier high street stores, stopping only for a drink at the hotel bar before I head back to my room to pass out with my clothes on. Lather, rinse, repeat till it’s time to board the plane back home.


This time round, thanks to a certain special someone who counteracts my hyperactivity with calm, I’ve chosen to do things a little differently. Instead of heading straight to London as I always do when in the UK, I’ve been up North, enjoying England’s beautiful countryside. Everywhere I look there’s a beautiful old tree longing for a romantic picnic under it’s shady branches, road after country road is lined with horses grazing in lush green fields and lakes are dotted with bright little fishing boats, dodging smoothly between swans. And, because its summer, every flower for miles has decided to wake up and bloom brighter than ever,  perfectly juxtaposed with England’s dramatic cloud-streaked skies.


We’ve been spending our days exploring quaint little vintage and charity stores in search of one-of-a-kind pieces for a song, eating fish and chips, going on long drives with the wind in our hair, visiting the local sights (think little farms with home made ice cream, tractor rides and a petting zoo) and frequenting darling little bars, famous for the most delicious cocktails I’ve ever sampled. Evenings, however, are strictly reserved for sipping cider at local pubs, taking the dogs on long walks and laid-back barbecues in the backyard with friends and family.


Style-wise, I’ve been gravitating towards dreamy florals and pastel shades that echo my surroundings (and my state of mind) perfectly. However, true to form, I’ve been adding a bit of edge to traditional florals with studs, reptile jewellery, leather jackets and multi-strap heels. Keep checking back for more outfit posts, shopping posts and maybe even food posts from my holiday. If you’ve traveled here before and have recommendations on anything, leave me a comment below!




{ OUTFIT DETAILS } Top: Max | Leggings:  Forever21 | Jacket and shoes: Bought in a UK thrift shop | Bag, Crocodile Cuff: Birthday present | Bottle Necklace: Splash (Dubai) | Spider Ring: Bought in Spain | Sunglasses: Paperlillie | Belt: Colaba


  • Roanna

    Ooh, I love it! Fresh and blooming, as a bunch of summer flowers!

  • Amit Kumar

    Beautiful location goes well the amazing outfit..from crocodile to spider to tattoo to bottle to flowers!!

  • Shades Of Moon

    The pictures have come out great! Everything looks right out of a floral dream :) ♥

  • Tanvii.com

    Love the details of your outfit!

  • Fusion Forever

    Beautiful pictures. And congratulations!!

  • Diana Longoria

    Awesome post, lovely pictures :)

    Diana | http://dianadegzz.blogspot.de//

  • Chai and Cheese

    Love the way you write your posts Anushka! Brilliant :)

  • Margi Sakariya

    so pretty!! I love this look. Its pink, the floral, the neckless, the ring, the bracelet and your sunnies. omg.