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{ Photography : Mehi Shah }

Karen Walker may have been a martini away from liver failure, but she sure did know her fashion. The woman who famously said “Men come and go, but a pair of slingbacks are for life” has inspired me to spend this Valentine’s day with the very first love of my life.

Join me in celebrating the single girl spirit of stilettos this V-Day. They’ve given you that smidgen of confidence you always lacked, helped you unleash your inner Kate Moss and walked you to the most fabulous parties when you’re feeling low.

Lucky for you, everyone at Nine West seems to agree. They’re giving one lucky winner a voucher for Rs. 2000/- to help her get closer to finding her sole-mate!

All you have to do is (a) ‘Like’ Bombay Bubble and Major Brands on Facebook
(b) Visit their online store and leave me a blog comment telling me which Nine West shoe is your sole-mate and why. (Don’t forget to add a link to the shoe!)


Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!
Bisou bisou,

note : winners will be chosen on basis of best answer so get creative. winners must necessarily fulfill the likes, etc. mentioned above. contest ends february 13th 8pm. winners will be declared onfebruary 14th . contest is open to participants from india only


  • MissMirani

    So, I’m the first one to comment ’cause I LOVE SHOES!!! Doesn’t matter what your size is, you will always find the perfect pair!

    ALDO MID HEEL : These pair of nude heels are must have for me!

    Pretty Princess: A crazy pink dress with statement necklace and nude heels.

    The guy in me: A graphic print tee with slim fit jeans folded at the bottom to show off these heels!

    Party animal: An animal print dress some accessories, nude heels and smoked eyes!

    LBD (Let the Babe Dazzle) : Our regular LBD with nude heels and a bold,brown belt and some glitter!

    They merge with everything, and still stand out classy!

  • Sneha Sen

    Hi Anushka,
    The Black Gorgeous pair of Wedges is my sole-mate for sure because this lovely twosome is the one which can be worn to the college for the entire day without having problematic legs by the end of it.Also if I am heading over to a Cafe or a party after the college, this seems to be a perfect pair.
    It will add to my height,grace to my dress and immaculately compliments an outfit,be it any color.

  • Vaishnavi Dee
    Hey Anushka!
    There is no other pair of slingback heels that defines me more than this ones. It was rightly said by Karen Walker..there’s nothing in a girl that a pair of pretty slingback heels cannot fix! These heels go with everything- a pretty lace dress, just a pair of jeans, anything! These shoes have the ability to make a girl feel great even when she’s at her worst and if I win this contest, I’ll do nothing but buy these heels. I lovee them! The perfect colour.

  • Devina Sharma

    The way one walks defines the way one thinks of oneself. Shoes are one of the most important accessories that help us move about. A well chosen, well fitted pair would enable a person to hold their head high and walk down their path with confidence, beauty, freedom and self-fulfilment.
    My personal favourite from the Nine West collection on would be:
    These would go best with office wear as well as casual pants and dresses. Plus these heels would help support my heavy frame too

  • Roxanne

    Asking a girl to pick one shoe is really crazy..

    But still I managed to pick one – these polka dot wedges –
    Yes that can be a little too quirky for most, but I find them perfect.
    I can live in wedges. Mumbai is blessed with roads that, not very great to walk in, especially after a couple of drinks! so wedges save my day. Everyday.
    Also I find myself always wearing darker or dull clothes, most of the time,which gives me a reason to add a crazy pop of colour with my accessories.
    These wedge heels fit in perfectly.
    However there are times, where I love wearing girly-girl clothes. Think pink or purple dresses. Again these shoes can make my ‘princess-y’ dreams come true!

  • N.B
    is my Nine west sole mate.
    I am an ardent NineWest-er and a heels lover. As much as I would love to follow your league in going heel-y this year as well, I resolved not to. I decided to do things differently this year. From basic lifestyle changes to changes in apparel, shoes and accessories are on an experiment. By far, it’s going good except some rumbles, like my hesitation to wear flats while going out except to the gym! This opportunity might welcome me to the Flats Zone! And since I am going to spend this V-day alone, what better to have on side than these beauties?!
    So here goes my attempt on my luck!
    Entered Giveaway and did the necessary.

  • Eshna

    hey Anushka!
    Meet my valentine-
    This Missy is everything I adore. The Deep Red-Royal Blue-Black pattern is so mystical. And I know it doesnt matter to some. But for me the inner golden lining is a big plus. If I could slip into this pair of awesomness. I would need anything else on a valentine day.
    I mean Me,Mystical lady and wine. Aaaahhh. Already Like both the pages!

  • Heli

    These pair of shoes swept me off my feet!! Blue and black is my favourite combination plus it goes with everything. Just like the way I would want my guy to add a dash of colour in my life, this heels would exactly do the same. Also will help me keep my confidence high and throw around some tantrums while feeling like queen. Metallic finish is to die for.

    Here’s the link:

  • Svati
    Like you mentioned in your last post,I too believe that fashion and comfort cannot always go hand in hand.I have this Carrie Bradshaw kinda love for shoes which is to the extent that I even dream about them!These leopard print sling-backs are my choice to spend my valentine’s Day with(Its a different story of Course that I am also hopelessly single!)because I’d always choose statement heels over basic,goes-with-everything-shoes.It boosts my confidence and gives an altogether different high.I am the kind of girl who’ll wear her highest heels even to run errands!Also,the open-toe front is great for showing of finely manicured toes(Yes,I have a feet fetish.But hey,Its a secret!)So this supra sexy pair would be my sole-mate.
    Done the required.Fingers crossed now.
    Tons of love.

  • Ankita pednekar
    This darlings resemble my inner image a lot..A little Bold,A Classic Lover, A minimalism Sucker, Edgy, Dramatic and Attention seeker. These gorgeousness is the one i can easily relate the most as my absolute “sole mate” without doubt!Who’s not craving for that perfect Cinderella Kind of shoes?I found mine but with a twist of Rock-chic splash without going overboard. And am happy!
    -Ankita Pednekar

  • Smita

    I am loving these nudes because I have been wanting to wear something like these for a while now and these are a little different from my usual choice of flats! Pregnancy and child birth got me off heels completely and now, after more than 6 years, I am trying to reinvent my heel ;-) I always prefer the classics and these look my type. :)


  • friyanDS

    This beauty is my soul mate because it can never let me down. No matter what I wear Indian or Western, Rocker chic or Elegant, this shoe will always accompany all my looks. It will never let me down and I won’t have to think twice before I match it with any outfit. I will not need to give the mirror a look to see if my outfit is complete because I blindly trust this black peep toe slingback. And whats more important than these aspects in being a soul mate… Blind trust

  • Rajni Daswani

    My love for shoes is well defined by the ones which have to be shoved under my bed due to lack of space.
    I totally believe that a pair of shoes can make or break the look of your outfit.

    This shoe can be my solemate as it will go perfectly on my formal trousers, my black lbd or that Saturday brunch with my girls. It will totally lift me up on my dress down days and keep me grounded on those mad party nights! :)

  • Reha
    This nine west shoe is my sole-mate because I love animal prints and they are non non sense shoes and I’m ready to take all the pain of those high heels because I believe that fashion does not always mean comfort and these shoes define FASHION!

    Now give me the damn shoe ;)

    • Reha

      *no non-sense

  • Diksha Sekhri

    Perfect man. Perfect day. Now, just need the perfect pair of shoes for my wedding day. These go beautifully with my D-day outfit!

    I have already found my soul mate in life and these sole-mates will walk me to him!

  • Ashwini Prashanth

    Hi Anushka! :)
    Asking a girl to select just one shoe from so many fabulous ones is just.. crazy! :P
    I would buy this gorgeous baby ( This is a classic black pair, it would compliment all outfits, yet the the light gold brocade design on it would lend it a slight edgy twist. It will lend me the extra few inches of height to strut on top of the world, and make my legs look fabulously toned. It will look great on western outfits (it’s a classic black, duh! ) and traditional Indian outfits as well, courtesy the gold pattern. This shoe will definitely be a showstopper wherever I don it! And I’m gonna wear it to all the parties and dances, my weekend brunches, my dates, and family functions and what not and when I wear it everywhere, how can I not call it my sole-mate? ;)

  • sindhu gupta

    hey Anushka,

    FIrstly, lovely shoes to choose from.
    I’m a bad bad girl and I cant just be happy with one soul mate. I need two different ‘SOLE’ mates.
    So meet my first ‘soul/sole’ mate, which is real sweet, cute, comfy and easy to deal with-

    Meet my second soul mate, which is wild, passionate and difficult, but the pain is worth it-

    FB name- Sindhu Gupta

    Happy Valentine’s day.
    Much love,

  • Kohl_lined

    loved a lot of them,… but with my current 8 months into pregnancy condition… i guess my sole mate would be flats.
    i found these very pretty… it has a hint of tangerine! something i have been looking out for quite a while… i didnt know abt this website back thn,
    i was subscribed to ur fb page long longgg back… i have liked the major brands page too.
    name- kunj
    email address-

  • Juhi

    Hello, Anushka!
    I think I must have scanned the 12 website pages almost 5 times. I couldn’t really fix my mind on any one pair of shoes. (Nine West has a pretty good collection I must say). Anyway, I finally made up my mind on a pair of metallic wedges. I think they are just perfect. I had been on a search for a metallic accessory but I couldn’t really find anything good. But I think metallic couldn’t look better than these wedges. So, yeah I guess, I can call this pair my soul-mate. :D
    Product Code : NWEYECANDY3

    Thank you and lots of love,

    P.S. This is one hell of a giveaway! (Read-Free Shoes! Well more like pay 2,000 less for the 5k shoes :p but still, its something!)

  • MoOn

    Hey Anushka!
    i love these little black heels! never tried anything black on my feet before.Also i would wear it day in n out.t would go well with my work wear n casual outfits want to try these with ankle lengths.

    i wish i had something fancy so say.Honesty says that yes they look practical and wearable for me.and yes something new as in black..(btw the reason i love your blog is because of colours)

    Mehak Sharma
    New Delhi,

  • garima kumari

    hi ,
    i love this black strips high heel because black color gives the look of sexy to my feet and enhances my beauty of feet .i love to wear high heels always weather its a occasion or not
    followed by gfc -garima kumari
    liked both pages

  • Swati Kalwar

    They have so many pretty shoes…Choosing ONE sole-mate is really very difficult for a shoeholic like me. After going through their collection many many times I choose as my sole-mate.

    Why?? Read below

    (1) I love wearing high heels but cant walk much in them. So my solution is Wedges. High yet Comfortable. So I can wear these everywhere. Sole-mate should be by your side where ever you go. Right? :D
    (2) It is pretty blush pink in color. If you are a girl you love pink. If you don’t love pink then…you know what I mean :P
    (3)It has a touch of bling. Noticed that small strap with rhinestone’s , didn’t you?
    (4) This one is quite unique and will surely make you stand out :)
    (5) They are Pretty pretty and pretty. I seriously want to sleep with these on ;)

  • Nicole AD

    You know its true love when you see it and thats just it. You’re heart skips a beat and you blush like pink rose. You know its true love when you’re eyes meet heart and brain stops all work.

    And yes my heart skipped beat and turned all orange for this one —-

    True Sole-mates we make.

    Fb name : Nicole AD

  • Roanna Fernandes

    In LOVE with the pictures, Anushka!

  • Roanna Fernandes

    Um. In LOVE with the pictures!! :-)