Escape Your Date and Win Some Shoes



Photography : Mehi Shah

There’s nothing quite as exciting as the thrill of a first date. But sometimes, even though you’ve picked out the perfect outfit and researched his favourite football team, the evening could go a lot less smoothly than you’d like it to.Take it from a girl who has experienced conversation running dry, spinach in his teeth and a forty minute long vent-fest about his mother. In some scenarios, all you need is a pair of flats and a really good alibi to help make a stealthy getaway.
Since many a first date loom ahead in this month of love, Queue Up footwear is giving you a chance to rescue yourself from a not-so-perfect-date with a voucher for Rs.2000/-. Just share your most creative excuse to end a bad date with us in the comments section below!
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Can’t wait to hear what you come up with. Who knows, I might even use one sometime!


Bisou bisou,

{ note : winners will be chosen on basis of best answer so get creative. winners must necessarily fulfill the likes, etc. mentioned above. contest ends february 21st,  winners will be declared the same day. contest is open to participants from india only }


  • Roxanne

    Okay true story here.. I was not officially on a date, but I knew the guy was a bit into me. He told me himself, and he wanted to hang out.
    Now hanging out turned up to be, the two of us driving around Bandra in his car. We stopped at a couple of places for food, and both times, he made me get put of the car and order it! I’m all for feminism, but, I’d like to be treated like a Princess at all times!
    Last stop was Prontos, and he wanted to get a take-away pizza and eat it in the car, and I suggested we just sit at the restaurant and eat. So I went out to collect it, at the same time I called my sister and asked her to pretend she was mom and annoy me.
    Soon I kept getting calls from ‘mom’ because I was out all day, straight from work, and didn’t go home. ‘Mom’ was also so annoyingly loud, and could be heard in the almost silent car. After I ‘pacified mom’, I apologetically said I had to leave, because poor mom is all alone, and bored at home, because dad’s out of town. I grabbed two slices of pizza and made my get away.
    P.S – I prefer eating pizza in a rickshaw than a car!

  • Maneeta Bhansali

    Use some drama & excitement while delivering this excuse: “Wow this has been great…but I need to rush home in time for that online shoe sale. I’m doing this 365 days of Shoes project, where I buy a pair of shoes each day to build the closet of my dreams” *sighh*

    OR do the simple thing:
    excuse yourself to go to the restroom, switch off your phone, get out the back door, jump into the car/taxi, hit down the road and you’ll never hear from him again.

  • steffy Paul

    The moment I read this piece I so badly wanted to share my disastrous date experience. Honestly I am not the kinda girl who’d agree to go on a blind date but since a really good friend of mine insisted so I agreed. I happen to land on a date with a “Jatt” guy, sounds bad yet? wait for the rest of it. So the date starts with an awkward hug (I was going for the handshake), moves on to a dinner talking about how he is fulfilling his dream to be a “hero” (vernacular term for an actor I suppose), and all this while the only thing he asked about me was my name… not even sure he remembered it. For him the date was going pretty well and meanwhile I was firing bullets to my friend who set me up with this narcissistic jerk. Later when we wanted to go for “Drinks and More” I had to tell him I had recently been out of a rehab for my drinking problems and I am not allowed to step anywhere near a bar. I left as soon as a I could saying “we should do this again sometime”. I didn’t want to hurt him but the idea of dating a crazy alcoholic wouldn’t have been an ideal choice for a to-be-superstar.

    So that was my experience… I am sure a lot of my girlies can relate to this!


  • Blabber-er

    ” So umm.. you know i’m in the middle of this bucket list, and one of the things on my list is to leave a date half way. So congratulations! this date is so so special to me that i would like to leave it half way and remember it forever. And ever.

  • Reha Choudhari

    I’d just say : wow i just noticed I never go out on days that end in “Y.”

  • Shreya

    Here is my excuse (thankfully I have never had to use it):
    *Fake phone call from grandmother*

    Oh my god! My dog is really unwell. He is vomiting and is biting anyone who tries to come near him (so he doesn’t try to act all hero-ish). My maid has already been bitten.

    I am sorry I have to rush home now.

  • Rima

    That’s an interesting contest
    I will not be mean and just say : I’ve got to go, something isn’t agreeing with me. Do you think it was something we ate?

  • Vaishnavi Dee

    So I was on a date with this guy that my friend set me up with. He was such a bore. He was going on & on about how he wants to get into smuggling. And if that wasn’t enough already, he had to top it off with talking about pathology & how our government does nothing for the people of our country. I mean yeah I do love Economics but I’d rather talk about something interesting. I knew I just HAD to get it over with. So I excused myself to go to the washroom to think of something. Then I called up a friend and asked him to pick me up in 15 minutes and asked him to call me in 2 minutes. I went back to the table and my friend called me back & I told him that I had to take the call. I pretended to be talking to my sister & acted paranoid! I told him that my sister had met with an accident and it was nothing major but I had to take care of it. He did not even insist on dropping me. He stayed and finished his dinner all by himself! I heard from him again when he called but I managed! I’ll save that story for later!

  • Henal Jasani

    Demonstrate your lack of interest in continuing by acting in an unresponsive “zombie-like” manner. A few easy ways to do this may be not laughing at his jokes, pretending that you weren’t listening to his stories or questions or keeping a cold, expressionless demeanor.
    When he talks to you, be busy with other things and pretend you’re not listening. Also, you can try interrupting him and talking about one of the things they don’t like.
    Or just say “Oh God! I am suddenly getting these awful stomach cramps!!” and leave instantly :)

  • Nikita Shah

    So I had met this guy online and decided to meet him in a coffee shop in Sobo to check him out for real. Turned out to be the worst first date ever and in half an hour I decided I just had to get out.
    So I excused myself to go to the restroom and I texted my best friend to come and save me by pretending to be my boyfriend. So he landed up at the coffee shop in 15 minutes and pretended to be shocked to see ‘His Girlfriend’ with another guy! Even I played along and acted all sheepish and ‘Uh-Oh-You-Caught-Me-Red-Handed’ with my best friend! He warned the poor guy to stay away from ‘His Girl’ and dragged me out of the coffee shop!
    The guy I was out with didn’t know what struck him, his expression was hilarious!!
    Me and my bestie celebrated our antics with an ice cream later! :D

  • Ashwini Prashanth

    I don’t go out on blind dates, but my friend set me up for one, so I decided to give it a try. The date was a trainwreck. We had nothing in common, he wasn’t a good listener and all he kept talking about was how many women he’s gone out with and his work-out regime at the gym. And horror of horrors, he actually said that he doesn’t believe in using condoms for sex. I decided to put an end to it, racked my brains for an excuse, and told him that I was a lesbian, and that I’d only decided to come on the date to get my mother off my back. :P
    Someday I want to try out the classic excuse myself to the ladies’ room and climb out the window trick. ;)

  • monika

    Start telling him about your ex. And how you broke up with him. Get emotional. The guy will try consoling and hence get touchy. Once he touches, start shouting. People will gather and hit him, off course everyone will believe what the girl says. In such a situation always have flats on so you can run away without a sound. Like it? :)

  • anahita irani

    Loads of excuses can be managed to run away from that lousy date like headache,stomach ache,keep frequenting the bathroom till he gets fed up and asks you to leave.but be creative set an alarm on your cell,let it ring and say its yr dad and he has spotted you both in the restaurant,he is seated on the table behind yr date .ask him not to look back.cover your face with a napkin or menu card and leave,ask him to pay the bill and leave after ten minutes,.haaaa.Quite embarrassing for him but worth the laugh .

  • Neeta jain

    Splendid contest
    I’d like to say my mom has given a deadline of 10:30… Would u like to come over..

  • MissMirani

    Guys are very dumb! Like seriously! I was out with this regular,dark skinned,tall guy ; we went to a decent restaurant,ordered food and had just started a conversation, soon it turned to football and he started boring me with all his lame stories, I tried hard not to yawn and concentrate on the food instead yet he just wouldn’t stop talking! So, I started making faces and holding my tummy. Then I excused myself, visited the washroom and came out embarrassed and told him to drive me home ASAP! He asked me what was wrong, and I told him it was a “female problem”. As soon as we reached, I ran into my building without even a goodbye!
    Being a girl always works, and even if they won’t agree, WE are the superior gender!

  • MissMirani

    So, I remember going out with this guy! Dressed smartly, smelled good too; he was ideal to go out with, until he started talking! He started speaking in English,probably to impress me, but what he saying he only understands! So, I knew I had to get rid of him, I order some unhealthy snacks and then excused myself. I went up to a waiter,slipped a Rs.50 note into his pocket and explained him the plan! After I was done eating, I was smiling and nodding as he spoke, then I signaled the waiter. He came with a bowl of salad, and started serving me! I looked at him as if I was confused and said I never ordered this, he look at him and said “Ma’am, sir ordered this for you”. I got up angrily and screamed “You think I’m FAT!” and started fake crying. The entire restaurant was looking at him! He tried to calm me down but instead I ran out of the restaurant, caught a cab and reached home laughing!

    – Based on a true story! :D

  • Swati

    I never had to go through this as I was really very lucky to find my true love in my first date itself. Yes first date and we are still together and much in love even after 7 years :D But then I did help my friend with an excuse to end a bad date. Yes I am the good “friend in need is Friend indeed” type of girl :D
    So my friend had gone out with this guy for the first time all dolled up and excited. And then it did not take her long to realize that the guy she went with was MR.Wrong. Rude, bossy and somehow not her types. 20 minutes into the date and she wanted to run away.But then she did not know how to do it. She called me in the middle of the date and asked me to get her out of this and deduced this plan together. I told her to tell him that her mom saw her with him at the coffee shop and was very very angry. So there is no other way than to end this date and never ever meet again or else her mom would create a problem for both. Poor guy bought this story and was really sad.
    Really sorry for making her mom a villain but couldn’t think of anything else back then.
    We still laugh hard when we think of this.

  • Lili Kutty

    If i want to avoid all signs of curiosity,I plan ahead with friend to call midway through the date. If the date is taking a turn for the worse, fake surprise with some bad news and run away.

  • snehanayak

    I’ve never really had a bad date experience so I’ve never had to make any excuses, but there’s one I really want to try – get a friend to call you, tell your date it’s a call from your BABYSITTER!, she has to leave early and you need to rush home to make sure the kids are okay..not only will you get to leave without having to answer any questions, chances are he may never bother you again. Win-win!

  • Sneha Sen

    Pretending that I am going to faint,I’d say
    OMG I get these really freaky seizures if I am not served good food in a restaurant. Eww…the cheesecake sucks.So before I start getting those epileptic fits,please let me leave the place,I’ll catch up with you later sometime.

  • Ankita pednekar

    Telling him “I got an Urgent (Fake,obviously)Call/Text from my boss expecting me to show up for a crucial Meeting or else the organisation will suffer great loss because of my absence…” This is how i end my bad date with a little brag about me.Well you don’t have to criticize yourself just to get out of it…This is very Easy-Peasy successful excuse to end a BAD DATE with a hint of self appraisal!

  • Rinki Ghosh

    My worst excuse to leave a date would be like this.I would behave very gentle and suddenly,I would look simultaneously to my wrist watch again and again.Then,I would tell him,excuse me,I have to do a urgent call.”After that,I would go outside and return after 15 minutes.I will show some trouble and wrikle line on my face.He would definitely ask me for my worry.I would tell him,”sorry dear,I have an another date today with my fiancee and I forgot to tell u.He is waiting for me outside soI have to leave.” Well,that would be the worst excuse to leave a date

  • Rinki Ghsoh

    My worst excuse to leave a date would be something like this.Firstly,I would behave very nicely and suddenly,I would look simultaneously mt wrist watch again and again.Then,I would tell him,”excuse me,I have to do a call.”I would go outside and wait there for 15 minutes and then return to my date-partner.I show some trouble and wrikle on my face as something going wrong.My partner would definitely ask me about the reason for my worry and I would tell him,Sorry,I have an another date with my fiancee so I have to leave because he is waiting outside,” :D

  • SwasT

    I havent had to use this one but this is the worst I could think of:

    I will tell him that my third adopted baby boy has peed and i need to go and change his nappy..sorry but we will do this later!

  • SwasT

    I would say “I just realised I still love my ex sort of reminded me of him – Thank you! I will surely call you for my shadi”