the bible turns five


Glittering chandelier at the Trident hotel

The birthday girl

Ashita Misquitta carrying an Hermès ‘Baby Kelly’ bag

Peep-toes that are almost impossible to walk in

With the lovely Aayushi from Styldrv

As a child, I loved spending lazy afternoons listening to the colourful stories my grandmother told me, hoping one day I’d collect enough exciting ones to share with grandchildren of my own.

So when an invitation to Vogue’s 5th anniversary party dropped into my mailbox, I knew this would be one for the ages.With a pop-up fashion show, free-flowing champagne, and every possible designer, editor, model and muse in attendance, Vogue transformed the Trident into Bombay’s very own version of Studio 54!  Here are a few of my favourite moments from around the party!


You heard it here first, the 60′s are back!  Bisou bisou,

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