Friday, February 24, 2012

mint condition

complain as we may about the heat, there's something magical about summer that makes everything feel fresh and alive again. 
the thrill of a new crush, the promise of adventure, lazy evenings watching streaky sunsets, sampling popsicle flavours or driving with the windows down and the wind in your hair.
and with the change in weather comes a change in wardrobe. ankle grazing skirts, sheer flowy pastels, bright sundresses and metallic sandals accessorized with straw hats, clear jewellery, a cinnamon tan and an insect cocktail ring. 
i can't wait.

{ jeans : fashion street, accordian pleat top : vero moda, jacket : vintage, shoes and ring : bought in spain, bangles : colaba/hill road/santacruz, necklace : lifestyle, clutch : gift, sunnies : prada minimal baroque, cat : unknown }

photography : parizad d

what are you most looking forward to this summer? share it with me in the comments section!

bisou bisou,
anushka xx


Natasha Fatah said...

Beautiful look, love how you're styled this!


Srishti said...

Oh Nush! Your sartorial statement makes me think of macaroons and spring flings with strangers in foreign lands. I get out of home and I'm stuck in noisy traffic and men who call me Bebez. Ugh.
Loving the colors! x

Stylish By Nature said...

Love those mint green jeans...Too cute pics...Love your visitor too :)


Kohl_lined said...

amazing dress.. i guess i should invest into something mint too.. it looks good


That picture with the cat staring into the camera..priceless! Love the ring!

Fashion Bombay said...

Loved the "unknown cat" and I'm in love with the mint shade too!

Pranita Kocharekar said...

The 3rd last picture is so adorable!
I love the mint drama happening here, you look gorg!


Mona said...

Anushka Hajela, You are adorable!

Tanvi said...

Loving the Minty tones Nush!!!

♡ from ©

Gagan said...

Wow, such a pretty outfit, the colours are beautiful. Really in love with your blazer!

shirin goel said...

good share...

Anonymous said...

Loved the cat and the mint jeans. But this look is so not summery... atleast not Bombay summery

Style-Delights said...

Love the pastels and the oxford style shoes!! I can't wait for summer either - dipping in the pool with my munchkin is what I am looking forward to! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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Ayantika said...

you are looking beautiful...loved your mint jeans !!

Karishma said...

Your recent pictures are ze hot Will you let your photographer know that he is doing a neat job.

lots of love K

Emm said...

I love that pic with the you and the kitty sitting.Best of the lot,it is:)

June said...

love your bag and pants!! Pics of you and kitty are SO CUTE!!!!!!

RachInFashion said...

Beautiful pieces put together :)

Rakhshanda said...

You look very pretty

Miss Iffa said...

What an adorable cat! Very photogenic too! I love what you are wearing and the photography is stunning as usual. I really enjoyed reading your post on Indian Fashion Bloggers too!
Keep it up!


bwl said...


Paper Moon said...

beautiful colour and i love the pleated dress over the trousers. xx

the rocker child said...

awesome blog you have! (:

stop by sometime?

xx rena.

chp_dzn said...

The jacket is gorgeous! Love how you've paired everything!

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me which are the shops you shop in, in Hill road? Amazing blog by the wayy! I love it!

Shubhi said...

Beautiful clothes!
And that cat just makes the shots way cuter!
I love how you mix pieces from different price ranges and across brands!


Shubhi's Revels!

Anushka said...

Natasha : Thankyou!:)

Shish : Hahhaha! Sorry, love! :-*

Stylish by Nature : Thankyou! I'll let her know you said that! :D

Kohl_lined : Thanks! And yes you should. Such a major trend :)

Sayantani : Haha thanks! Cute, isn't she?

Anushka said...

Fashion Bombay : Hehehe thanks guys!

Pranita : Thanks so much, doll!

Mona : Awww! Thankyou! *blushes*

Tanvi : Thanks babe!

Gagan : Thankyou so much!

Anushka said...

Anonymous : Thankyou. And yes, I can see why you think that.

Style Delights : Thanks and OH that sounds good!

Ayantika : Thanks :D

Karishma : Yes I will definitely let her know! :)

Emm : Thankyou! :)

Anushka said...

June : Thankyou!

RachInFashion : Thanks so much!

Rakshanda : Thanks! :)

Miss Iffa : Thankyou! Yeah she's so cute I'm thinking of making her a permanent feature haha

BWL : Thankyou!

Anushka said...

Paper Moon : Thanks so much! :)

The Rocker Child : Thankyou!

Chp-dzn : Thanks a lot! :)

Anonymous : Thanks. Sure, just email me.

Shubhi : Thankyou! I try! :D