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www.walgreenslistens.com – Earning with all the hustle to make a rise in your monthly income for the free time which is at home sound where it is overwhelming and very enjoyable.

If you are regular Walgreen customer then the company ask gives you for a few minutes to conduct a Walgreen Listens survey which could make you to win best rewards.



The customer needs to share their experience about the shopping and all over experience and get entered into Walgreen survey sweepstake to get change to win $3000 cash every month.

The survey helps the Walgreens to get reviews about their services by the help of opinions and sharing experience about their products and the service which is offered.

The customer only needs to give the honest and real better feedback to the company with the view of future profits.

Negative comments and feedbacks will be excepted by the company so that the company can also see the sob part of it and get a chance to improve itself and the custome3rs are allowed to share the experience without hesitation.

The survey can be completed anytime and anywhere with any smart device.

Rules to participate in the walgreenlistens.com survey

  • To begin with the survey you must be 18+ so it creates a eligibility criteria to proceed.
  • To be the part of the survey you must be legal resident of U.S.
  • For the survey at least one purchase from the store is necessary so that the survey can be approved.
  • The survey needs a valid purchase receipt where the survey code is mentioned.
  • As per the survey receipt invitation the survey must be complete within 72 hours.
  • For the survey administration, employees, staff, families and other connected people are not allowed to take part in the entire survey.
  • The prizes which will be allotted will not be on transferring way.
  • The receipt which is provided to the customer can be only used once by itself.

How to enter into Walgreen survey to win $3000

Methods for the Walgreen listens survey.

  1. Online method where it can be through purchasing.
  2. Telephone method it cannot be by the help of purchasing.
  3. E-mail method cannot be without purchasing.
  4. Mail method same way cannot be through purchasing.

Online entry

if the customer want to enter into Walgreen store he/she needs the purchase receipt with the survey invitation. Customer is given the period of 9 days from the day of purchase to complete the Walgreen shopper survey.

The company allots two links as prior to

If the person is Walgreen customer then the following link is applicable:

Just need to visit www.wagcares.com



In case if the person is Duane read customer.

Just need to visit www.drecares.com



For the further process you need to

  1. The customer need to select the suitable language English or Spanish and enter the survey code, password and time of you visit.
  2. Then you need to click on “START” button to proceed further.
  3. Now their will be few questions mention in the process you have to over look it and answer all the questions honestly which will be based on the last visit.
  4. Their will be a comment section provided after all this process the customer has to share all over experience and observation after the visit to the outlet.
  5. Then their will be optional question asked to you that weather to enter into sweepstake or not if you want to enter the Company welcomes if no then select the option no.
  6. At las you will be asked to fill you few personal information like name, number, valid email id and etc.
  7. If you are winner you will be notified to receive an entry into sweepstake.

Telephone entry

Walgreen customers

If you want to complete the customer satisfaction survey to just receive one entry into the Walgreen survey sweepstake you just need to dial on 1-800-763-0547 or 800-658-1584.

Duane Reade customer

Same way for the Duane reade customer to complete the automated customer satisfaction survey just to receive one entry you need to call on 1-888-424-1018.
Mail-in entry

it is a hand print work where your name, age, number, complete address is asked to write on a 3×5 inch paper is used to mail and give a proper envelope to the customer satisfaction sweepstake. And departure it on S8000 P.O. box 4006 at grand rapids, MN-55730-4006.

E-mail entry

The regular customers who have accepted the email messages from the Walgreen will receive survey via email only.

About Walgreens

Walgreen is a subsidiary type of business. The company was founded in the year 1901 by the Charles Rudolph Walgreen which means 21 years ago. Stefano Pessina is the executive chairman. CEO of the company is Rosalind brewer. An8d the president of the company is john T. Standley.

As the Walgreen has been a great addiction the process of drugstore chain which is in united states.

Walgreen is known for the top shopping center for personal care, household goods, electrical appliances, clothing and many more. Walgreen it has almost 8000 stores all across the 50 states like U.S Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and in the district of Colombia.

Walgreens has make a great service in the pharmaceuticals and also in retail giants in the united states.


To conclude with Walgreen it is a largest pharmacy store chain in the American. The Walgreen is specialized in filling yup the prescription, health, wellness products and also health information with photo services.  All above information is the process and requirement for the customer satisfaction survey.

The main aim of the company is to maintain public relations and take the help of valid customer to improve the company as possible in way.

Company says survey is  key to know what are possibility for the company to be in the top level all around it’s a benefit for the company but for the customer it’s a reward and life long customer relation with the company is maintained.

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