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What are best online travel and tourism courses in India?

Travel and Tourism Education

What are best online travel and tourism courses in India?

What are best online travel and tourism courses in India?

The Importance of Online Travel and Tourism Courses

Hello, it's your friendly neighborhood blogger Keanu here, and today, I'd like to talk about something exceptionally pertinent for those of you with wanderlust at heart - travel and tourism. Who doesn't love to travel, right? But how about seizing a chance to learn about it while getting certified! Yes, I'm talking about online travel and tourism courses which could potentially open up a new career path for you.

After all, what's better than transforming something you love into a profession! I can't think of anything more fulfilling. I've had the privilege to meet professionals from the travel industry and their fascinating stories about exploring locales, interacting with multiple cultures and encountering unique experiences makes me want to pack my bags right now! So, let's dive in and explore some of the best online travel and tourism courses that India offers.

Quench Your Wanderlust with E-Cornell's Tourism Courses

E-Cornell, an online extension of Cornell University, offers an excellent course in Hospitality Management, where you can learn about managing tourism and hospitality businesses from a global perspective. Their course includes modules on food and beverage management, human resources, financial management, and marketing for hospitality ventures. I fell in love with their extensive methodology and practical approach, which effectively trains you to deal with everyday situations in the industry. Don't keep the traveler within you waiting any longer, it's time to pave the way!

IGI's International Tourism and Travel Management Course

Among my top recommendations is the Indira Gandhi Institute's Diploma in International Tourism and Travel Management. This course offers a thoroughly comprehensive understanding of the international tourism industry. I have to say that its methodical structure drew my attention. You are required to complete five subjects including tourism marketing, operation management and tourism economics. If you've ever wondered how the people behind your perfect vacations make it happen, this course might just be the way to unwrap that mystery.

Immerse into Hospitality with Coursera's Courses

Brace yourselves for another remarkable platform, Coursera, which provides an assortment of online travel and tourism courses. I personally found their collaboration with universities like the University of Illinois and University of Florida quite interesting. The selection of courses includes Hotel Management, Sustainable Tourism, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Tourism, and more. It’s like having an entire universe of travel courses at your fingertips! In my experience, with Coursera you'll never run out of things to learn!

Experience the Tourism Adventure with Yatra's Professional Course

Bringing you closer to the industry, Yatra, a leading travel agency in India, has come up with an innovative online course on travel and tourism. Their Professional Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management caught my eye for its rare blend of practical assignments and theoretical knowledge. The course content is crafted by industry veterans and covers the fundamentals of travel operations, techniques of selling travel and tourism products, and managing travel business. I've met a few people who have taken this course, and their positive reviews are a testimony to its effectiveness.

Master Travel Industry with Thomas Cook's Centre of Learning

If you're looking to dive deep into the travel industry, you cannot miss out on the courses offered by Thomas Cook - Centre of Learning. They offer a Post Graduate Diploma in Travel and Tourism management which involves modules on World Geography, Itinerary Planning, Fares, and Ticketing, and Customer Relationship Management among others. You'll be able to understand the building blocks of this industry and will be equipped to handle real-world challenges. I've known industry professionals who swear by the quality of their training, and that's promising!

Explore the Nooks and Crannies of Tourism with Oxademy's Courses

Last but not least, Oxademy offers a unique online MicroMasters program in “International Hospitality Management”. This course is designed by Oxford Brookes University, which is ranked among the top universities in the world for hospitality and tourism studies. Here you can get training on hotel operations, finance, marketing, human resources in hospitality, corporate strategy for tourism and hospitality, and much more. Taking this course might lead you towards a rewarding career path where you can turn your passion into a profession!

So folks, these are some online travel and tourism courses that I think are pretty awesome. Not only do they provide a chance to quench your thirst for wanderlust, but they also offer an opportunity to make a career out of it. Remember, the best education is about broadening our horizons and understanding our passion. And if your passion lies in travel, well then, what's stopping you? Too da-loo for now, catch you all in the next blog post!

Keanu Sterling

Keanu Sterling

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