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www.Rosslistens.com – If any of the customer has shopped from the Ross recently then the customer will surely have received a purchase receipt that too with an invitation to the Ross guest feedback survey.

Through this survey Ross survey at www.Ross listens.com the customer is allowed to share the am above feedback and shopping experience and by this help the customer can make realize where the actually changes are required which are expected from the company.



And then finally after the end of the complete survey the customer will get an amazing prizes at $1000 which will be gift cards and it will be beneficial for the next purchase only at ross customer feedback survey and get a reward.

Ross listens survey $500 Ross store gift card

  • The survey can be conducted in English or Spanish language.
  • Hardly the survey process will consume 10 minutes to go.
  • The receipt which is received by the customer is compulsory.
  • Grand prize for the winner is of $500 Ross store gift cards.
  • A and the second prize is of $100 Ross stores gift cards.

Ross online survey rules

The customer should be the legal resident of Arkansas, Arizona, Alabama, California, Colorado, D.C Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, hawaii, New York, Montana, missouri, mississippi, Maryland, michigan, kentucky, louisiana, Kanas, Indiana, Illinoisan, North carolina, Guam, Wisconsin, Wyoming, washington, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, virginia, south carolina, Oregon, pennsylvania, oklahoma, Mexico, nevada, new jersey.

The age of the customer should be 18+ so it will be eligibility to proceed.

The prices which will be allotted will not be substitute or will not be encourage.

As per email address only one per person is allowed to be the part of the survey.

If the repeating entries are found then the participant will be eliminated.

The core team of ross like administration, staff members, affiliated members, family members are not allowed to be the part of the survey.

Ross customer survey requirements

A recent purchase receipt is required to be the part of Ross listen survey.

The customer should have the understanding to speak in English or French language.

A good internet connection with the smart phone, tablet, or laptop.

And a customer should have valid email address.

How to take Ross survey at www.rosslistens.com?

To begin with the customer needs to visit the official website of Ross store guest experience survey at www.rosslistens.com to start with.

Select the language which is as prior from English or Spanish.

The customer will have to enter 15 digit code which will be given at the receipt.

After coming till here then go and click on start button.

As the stores has departments so the customer has to mention the department which they have visited recently.

Them the customer has to start answering some questions about the last visit experience which will be accordingly as per given instructions.

After all this the customer has to rate all over the satisfaction which will be towards the customer service and over all products only at the Ross stores.

Go on continuing all the questions and answer them honestly as possible as you can.

When the customer will be finished giving all the question answers then they will be asked to join the Ross sweepstake store.

After all entring the details go and press yes and enter the valid Email Id.

After finishing up all the requirements the customer has to submit the feedback to Ross sweepstakes survey.

Soon the customer will be notifyed by the message that has the customer has entrance into the contest or not.

Enter Ross store sweepstake via email

The customer has to Hand print the detilails like address, name, city, state, zip, code, telephone number, as well as email address that too on a 3″ ×5″ card size and mail it in the number 10 to the given address.

About Ross dress

Ross department it is a first store which was opened in Dan Bruno, California in the year 1950.

It was introduce by morris “Morrie Ross”. Morris used to work for 85 hours in a week doing all work from buying to bookkeeping for only his department store.

In the year 1958 Ross decided to sale his store to William Isackson and to become the resident and commercial real estate developer.

By the end of the year 1995 the chain was reached up to Annual sales of worth $1.4 billion with the 292 stores in the 18 locations which were states.

By the year of 2012 Ross was reached by the $9.7 billion which was known as a fiscal year along with the 1091 stores in almost 33 states which was on addition with 108 for Dd’s Discounts which were in 8 states.

The place of CEO was taken by barbara rentler before that Michael balmuth was the CEO. On June 1 in the year 2014 she was declared as 25the female CEO of the fortune 500 company.

Ross decided to move its headquarters to pleasanton which was to the nebourong at dublin, Californiain the year 2014.


The main aim of the every company is to know where they belong from through out the shared experience and the over all observe feedback which is experienced by the customer.

Every customer should do this because it is beneficial for the company also and for the customer also.

We can say it is like give an take policy where the customer is sharing all the experience and feedback and the company is giving reward on behalf of that.

Because of the their will be a long term relations maintain with the company and the customer.

But beyond that for the company customers are the importance subject because of them the company is well being because of their valuable feedbacks and experience which they have shared with the company.

The survey is not just to know what customer wants but almost the ratio is calculated for the honest and genuine customers who are in touch with them for the long years.

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