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www.CubListens.com – Cub it is an retailer stores which is popular known for no frills bag at you own groceries also it is classified as it is the best grocery stores in all over the united states.

Which was by many who have created an huge avenue for their customer to be the part of the time survey with all the pure intentions which will lead to improve the provided services.



And hence therefore all the genuine customers are encourage to become the part of the survey not only with the view of analyzing the improvement but also the CubListnes will give an opportunity to win the weekly sweepstake of $100 that too gift card. Let’s move on why it is important to take part in the survey.

Why Cublistens customer satisfaction survey??

As per the title which implies the main reason of the survey us to improve over all services for as maximum customer satisfaction.

As per the all over observation the supermarket chain almost acknowledges that the customer is main priority for them this is mention in their yearly missions statements.

Behind all the business plans and strategies their is a big role of the customers as their can be said drive force for the company.

The survey Is conducted with all the over view by having a bond with their customer by communication and by the other way of public relations for life long terms.

As in future the cub stores will be giving their genuine customers the golden chance to spread their opinions, complaints, feedbacks, suggestion and most important they share their problems to the company which is the most beneficial point where the cub store fixes.

The survey is a excellent way to or can say a platform for the customers to build up the relationship with the customers.

How to win $100 Gift card in Cublistens survey?

As per the survey rule the customers will get an free entry to draw where the person will take hone $ 100 gift card. Now let’s look into what are the requirements, restrictions. And the other guideline to get qualified for the free enter into survey.

Survey requirements

  • Firstly it is expected that the customer should give a honest answer to the questions which are asked during the period of survey.
  • As the customer is being the part if the survey they must acknowledged about the English and Spanish language This is just because the survey will not be taken in other prior language in accordance with the customer choices.
  • The customer of every cub survey participant must have a good flow of Internet connection and a good condition laptop, smartphone or a tablet it will be held on JavaScript.
  • To be the part of cub customer satisfaction survey the customer should have a valid cub receipt or can say Proof of purchase from any of the cub stores all over nation wide.
  • To be the qualified lucky draw customer and if they are winner each participant must enter the details like contact information because that is only the way to contact and get chance to win.
  • Only that customers who has receipt will be the part of the survey.

Survey restrictions

  • To be the active participant the age of the customer should be 18+ or else it will be not allowed to take part.
  • Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are the restricted countries and states for the survey.
  • The prize which is allotted to the customer of $100 will not be transferrable.
  • The official member of the cub are not allowed to take part in the survey like staff members, administration staff, sales executives and etc are not allowed.
  • Hope all the rules are justice understood.

Survey participation instructions.

Now it is turn to get explain step by step the explanation of how cub survey is conducted.

  • For this the customer has to buy from he cub store near your location plz before visiting keep the receipt. Who never know it might be that you are winning a $100 gift card.
  • Go to the official website at www.cublistens.com on the browser and see for further procedure.
  • Get the code and type in the access which will be highlighted to the box and then click on enter.
  • Select the language which is most prior for the survey it may English or Spanish and then proceed to click next.
  • Answer all the given question which are displayed honestly which is expected and dishonest feedbacks will be surly disqualified.
  • Survey will ask you to enter the personal details which will be including email, phone number, address, and other details which will be easy to contact when the customer wins.

About Cub Foods

The full form of cub means CUSTOMER UNITED BUYING. It is a popular grocery retailer store which almost deals with all imaginable households items which includes free from foods which has over 80 stores all across the united states.

After the 50 years of the actually existence. There were few additionally services were also introduce like grocery delivery as well as store pickup which has been also added to the future for the satisfy their customer needs.

Cub store was almost Founded by Charles and jack Hooley, rover the uson who was the brother in law and Culver Davis who was a friend this core team was founded in the year 1968.

But now the company is owned by super value Inc. The cub store has been spread widely which is known for being the first most to give total discount to the stores chain in the US.


The company is well reputed in their working and in their business plan. Survey is just a reason to know more what more to be updated in this industry and how to satisfy the customer by their wants and desire.

On behalf of survey the company claims rewards to the customer which is like a long term benefit for the healthy and active customer and by this strong  relationship are maintain with the company and customer.

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