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sold? i thought so! get yourself one here!

{ 1. monsoon gwen gathered skirt, 2. miss selfridge crepe midi skirt, 3. michael kors polka dot bell skirt, 4. miss selfridge pu full skirt, 5. acne romantic wool midi skirt, 6. dorothy perkin ochre full skirt }

hello everyone! how do you like ‘bombay bubble’s’ new look? also, i apologize for the prolonged hiatus. i’ve been down with a bad case of blogger’s block. (yes that totally is a thing!)

anyway, in my desperate search for inspiration, i stumbled upon a trend i’m quite excited about – the mid length skirt! for years, the mini was the belle coquette of fashion – everyone wanted to wear one. then, we all fell for the laid-back, boho allure of the maxi.

if you haven’t noticed already, fashion bores quick! we’re already on to the next big thing – full,40′s style mid-lengths! i already ran out to the zara sale and got myself one of these and i just love how it makes me feel all school-marmy / granny-ish in an ironic way!

i’m going to be pairing mine with leather jackets, faux fur gilets and ankle boots throughout the fall. if you’re not nearly as convinced as i am, here are a few street style inspirations to get you in the mood!

i’ll have an outfit post of me wearing mine once this blasted rain stops! are you getting in on the mid-length action, too?

bisou bisou,
anushka xx

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  • Bonniela

    I am so digging the midi’s too.
    Don’t have the flow-y ones yet.

  • nikki

    I would love to get 1 for me.. but am unsure if it would look good on me !! as am of medium height ( 5′ 4 ) and lil bottom heavy !! :/

  • Pithsala

    I’ve converted from mini’s to midi’s! You don’t hasve to be conscious of too much leg showing and all that.

    Anddd, I lvoe Andy of StyleScrapbook!

  • ClassyandFabulous

    loving the header :)

  • Mitr Friend – Bhushavali

    Me too noticing the mid length skirt of late!!!
    And ofcourse, liking it!!!
    Celebrate Independance day in Fashionable Khadi, now with mega discount

  • Giasaysthat

    Yes i have a few and one of my favourites is this asos one ! :)
    I feel so comfortable wearing them,i was wearing one in my last outfit of the day post.Loved your new banner.

  • Anushka

    Bonniela : I think now’s the time to invest in one! :)

    Niki : The good thing about these skirts is that they skim over curves and hide your lower half. You can always wear a pair of heels with it to add height :)

    Pithsala : I agree! :)

    ClassyandFabulous : Aww thankyou!

  • Anushka

    MittFriend Bhushavali : That’s great! I think this look works for everyone! :)

    Giasaysthat : Thanks so much! Yes I saw u wearing a gorgeous colaba one as well! Polka dots! I died! I want it!