wind in my hair



on the bright side, this last picture gives you a great view of my spider ring!

{ jeans : gift from aunt, blazer : vintage, t-shirt : bought in spain, shoes : lokhandwala, ring : bought in spain, bag : bought in spain, necklace : hill road }

“if at first you don’t succeed, then maybe failure is your thing!” whoever said that must be a long lost relative of mine! seriously though, take today for instance. i tried so hard to get a good outfit post in for you guys, but first the blazing sun, then the rain and then the wind just wouldn’t let up!
hey mother nature! if you’re reading this, how about cutting me a little slack, huh?!
since everything is supposed to be a learning experience, today’s lesson taught me that life’s too short to worry about being perfect all the time. so what if i was having a fat day or hair blew up in my face or that i couldn’t find a cab for twenty minutes? let up on yourself once in a while. breathe. enjoy every moment (even the bad ones) knowing that not everything is in your control.
and, hey, if you can do all that without sounding like a yoga book, good for you! it still hasn’t happened for me, but i’m working on it! :)

now that you’ve seen me looking less than poised, we can move on to more pressing matters. check the next post for my ‘current covet list!’

bisou bisou,
anushka xx


  1. love the killer heels and the red pants n ur bag!!! such a wonderful outfit!! love love
    drop by smtmes

  2. Tanvi : Aww thanks Tanvi! *hug* ur a doll!

    Pooja : Thanks so much, love! :) Glad u like it!

    I’m Jahnobi : Thanks!! That means a lot :)

    Whengeekmetchic : Aw thats so sweet! Thanks! :)

  3. Hey there :)
    I absolutely love that bag Where did you pick it up from?

    I write about makeup :)
    that’s my blog link:

  4. hi contact me soon on Facebook.
    Aryan John.cant drop any message to you.
    contact me on any messenger if you got one sooon:)

  5. wow! You’ve worked with a lot of great colors in this outfit. Gives you a very LA brunch look.The red skinny fit adds a pop of color to the basic beige layers with powder black pencil heels.

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