#OOTD Back To The 90’s


.{ OUTFIT DETAILS } Dress: Hill Road (similar here, here and here) | Tshirt: Hill Road (similar here) | Jacket: Primark (similar here) | Bag: H&M (similar here) | Shoes: Koovs (similar here) | Necklace: Koovs | Sunglasses: Forever21 (similar here and here) | Nail bracelet: The Snob Shop | Pearl ring: The Snob Shop | Knuckle rings: The Snob Shop

My first trip back home after tying the knot was everything I could have ever hoped it would be, and more (except for the fact that James couldn’t join me – that would have made it perfect!)


This particular visit was incredibly bittersweet since it is probably my last time staying at the home I grew up in. And while this home has been our shelter, our solace and our pride and joy for generations, it is time for us to move on and begin a new chapter. It is time for us to embrace a new dream with open arms, even if the dream is only ten minutes away from the old one!


I know I won’t be visiting my old neighborhood as frequently as I’d like to over the next few visits, which is why I wanted to spend some time walking the streets I rode my bike on as a child, admiring the hot pink bougainvilleas in full bloom, the little corner on which I would feed the neighborhood stray cat and her kittens, the maze of little houses I still can’t navigate without asking for assistance from an elderly passerby (because who needs Google maps when they’ve lived around here for decades?!)


The corner where my grandmother told me not to pluck flowers, the little strip of concrete on which my mom taught me how to play hopscotch, the road on which I’d walk my dog every morning before school while the neighbours would smile and call out to me as I did, the driveway where I shot my first outfit post with my mom and a tiny point-and-shoot camera.


The four walls within which I spent hour after happy hour playing with my dollhouse or having tea parties with my stuffed toys, where I first learned I had an affinity towards fashion (my mother’s dupatta on the floor as a ‘runway’) and my first tryst with entrepreneurship (‘selling’ my toys to the neighbours and then asking for them back whist happily keeping their money!)


This home has kept me grounded. Provided me with a lifetime of happiness and beautiful memories, not to mention the most wonderful start to life a girl could have ever dreamed of. This home has made me ‘me’. And for that, I will be forever grateful.


And as I mentally prepare to pack the years into boxes, I can’t help but hope that maybe one day, I’ll be fortunate enough to be walking down the same street with my own kids and their grandmother, teaching them to play hopscotch, to never pluck flowers and to smile as I shoot them with a camera. A girl can always dream, right?





  • http://www.selestyme.com/ Chayanika Rabha

    So pretty and love the denim dress.


  • Heli

    Love the outfit!

  • http://www.huesofme.com HuesOfMe

    You know i broke down a little after reading this.. and the memories i
    have from my parents house just flashed by!! So well written… Wish you
    all the love bubble.. :)

  • http://progressivepanache.blogspot.in/ Progressive Panache

    Anushka such a good write up….so much nostalgia ……. i can so relate my childhood with your’s….all the best…lots of love



  • Rhea

    Such a beautiful post Anushka! Have a wonderful life in your new home and hope your dreams do come true. Love,

  • Natasha Ambavle

    This is one reason, I eagerly await your blog post. You add a personal touch to whatever you write. Love the write up and wish you good luck for your future endeavors :)

  • http://www.namysstylenest.com/ Namrata from Namysstylenest

    Love how beautifully you have poured your heart out. have been a fan of your writing skills. And that blush jacket looks amazing on you.