Here Resides {The Ringmaster}


What comes to mind when I say pop-art peacocks, modern-day Mumbai murals, acidic ikat cushions and taxi print tablet cases? India Circus, of course! Why exactly that is a no-brainer can be attributed to the brand’s founder and design director, Krsna Mehta, who drew inspiration from the madness of India in all it’s kaleidoscopic, rangoli-hued glory, and channeled it into a unique aesthetic the brand is now iconic for.


Thanks to ‘The Ringmaster’, flaunting your love for all things quintessentially Indian is now cool again, with everyone lining up to buy his line of modern tablewear, linens, tech accessories and art, each flirting with and ultimately embodying a particular Indian element. These could range from something you see everyday, like a rickshaw, or something that draws upon the country’s rich history and heritage, reinvented for today’s youth.


I caught up with the vintage car fanatic, cat-lover and design debonair at his Altamount road home to find out what makes him tick, and if his house really was as spectacular as I’ve heard it was (it really, really is!). Scroll through to read his thoughts on design, take a peek into his home and find out things about him you never knew.

BB: In a world that chooses to conform to the boundaries of minimalism in decor, do you have any trouble sticking to your kaleidoscopic aesthetic?

KM: No. There is no trouble on that front what so ever. Even minimalistic decor requires an accent of colour or beauty in its design. It’s how the products, accessories and space is used.


BB: What’s the driving force behind the aesthetic you are celebrated for, and who or what are you most inspired by?

KM: I love colour. I love how colour can behave in different lights and combinations. And I enamoured by everything Indian. Thus they make up my driving force and my inspiration.


BB: Your home is a sight for sore eyes! I’m sure you have fascinating stories to tell about pieces you’ve sourced on your travels, or how you’ve created masterpieces from scratch. Share one with us.

KM:  have an artwork that features my house help. She has worked with me for over a decade and one day I just decided to make an artwork based on her. She is a curious character. She was absolutely thrilled when I brought home the art to put up. Often when guests visit my home, she will point it out to them.


BB: Not to steal the limelight from your beautiful collection of prints and pillows, but you have some very interesting pieces of furniture on display in your home. Any secret haunts to score great furniture in the city?

KM: I have collected all those pieces from various places and from my travels. You can find great furniture almost anywhere… you just have to keep an eye out for it. You could find a masterpiece at a random antique shop or LeMill.


BB: A lot of young readers are in the process of putting together their first homes. Any decorating advice for those of us on a budget?

KM: Try to keep your home clutter free. Instead of using heavy set furniture, use lighter pieces and even floor cushions    which will just give the feeling of a larger space.


BB: If there’s one part of your home you’d like to change, what would it be?

KM: I wouldn’t like to change anything, but I usually change the paint of my walls and move a few pieces here and there just to give it a fresh look.


BB: Heaven forbid your house were on fire. What’s the one piece you’d grab just before you managed to escape?

KM: My cats and photo album


BB: Any exciting projects coming up for India Circus? What about for you as a designer? Any cool tricks up your sleeve?

KM: India circus has been a big hit! Its growing faster than I ever planned! Products just fly off the shelves! Everything is so exciting right now. We are introducing more and more products and product categories every month. I want to build India Circus and Krsna Mehta into brand that is recognised globally for its design and aesthetic.


BB: Would you say there was a confluence between your décor and fashion sensibilities? Are you a ‘go bold or go home’ person when it comes to personal style, too?

KM: My design style and aesthetic is a reflection of who I am. Most of the things in my house are my products and my artworks. I put a little bit of me in all my design and work.


BB: We’ve stalked you on Instagram enough to know you’re an avid swimmer, love vintage cars and your cats, Google and Bailey. Tell us about an obsession of yours not a lot of people know about.

KM: Not many people know this… but I love airplanes and airports. It’s been a pet-peeve since I was a child. I know everything about what aircrafts fly which airlines. The different models and variations. Their features etc… the works. When I travel I always pay close attention to what aircraft I would be flying when I make my selection.


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