Easy Autumn Eye Makeup + Studiowest Review


If you’re an Indian millennial, chances are you’ve heard of, if not shopped at the Westside stores across the country. I’ve personally loved their clothing collection, as seen here in my favourite trousers of all time, not to mention their fabulous decor section which served as the perfect pick and mix for many a room decor overhaul over the years.


Which is why I was particularly excited when I heard they launched their very own beauty range, ‘Studiowest’, packed with skincare essentials like delicious smelling face wash and silky body moisturizers, sensual fragrances and a range of makeup products I now can’t imagine my beauty bag without. I couldn’t make it to the launch event as I was traveling, but to include me in their Westside Beauty Carnival festivities, they sent over a box of their most exciting products to take out for a spin.


As I was opening the box, a little leaflet fell out encouraging women to leave behind their boring, tried-and-tested but done-to-death makeup looks and try something completely different. Which is precisely what I did. I waved goodbye to my trademark punchy lip colours, highlighter and pink cheeks and opted instead for a super easy autumnal makeup update – earthy tones and a doubled-up winged liner. Since I had never dabbled in bronze, gold, olive, copper and brown hues before, I tread a bit cautiously at first, but found my footing fairly quickly and am quite happy with the final result. Here’s how you can DIY it:


Step 1: Base

I started out with Studiowest’s ‘Pure Passion’ foundation in ‘Honey’ which is a lot heavier in coverage than my usual foundation, but stayed put on my face all day and was the most perfect match to my skin tone – which is usually a problem I often struggle with when looking for a foundation at other brands. There were, however, a few points that could take this foundation to a whole other level of perfection: (1) The smell, while not unpleasant, could be a little more refreshing and invigorating (2) It should be a little easier to take off with makeup wipes. My usual foundation comes off easily in 1.5 wipes, but this one took 4. The perfect formulation is incredibly sought after by makeup brands, which is why they keep launching new foundation formulations every few months. However, I believe that the Pure Radiance foundation was pretty close to perfect at their very first try.


Step 2: Brows

They don’t have a brow filling product yet (that I am aware of), so I just used a dark brown eyeshadow I found in my makeup bag on a wet cotton bud and filled in my very fine brows for a fuller look for fall..


Step 3: Blush

Their ‘Pure Passion’ blush in dusty pink had the perfect brown undertones to go with the rest of my earthy autumn look, while still lending a healthy pop of colour to my cheeks so they didn’t look sallow. It blended easily, lasted for ages and had the perfect amount of colour payoff so I could build the colour up gradually.


Step 4: Shadow

I used the ‘Goldmine’ crystal eye shadow palette from their ‘Maaya’ line to add colour and definition to my eyelids. I began with the gold colour in the centre and added definition to the outer corners and crease with the metallic brown colour on the right. I blended them together using a blending brush and then added a touch of pearlescent white shadow from my own kit under my brow bone and on the inner corner of my eyes to open them up a little. The shadows were metallic without being too shimmery and had great colour payoff without being pigment-like.


Step 5: Lashes and liner

This was my favourie part and definitely the focal point of the whole look. I used their Pure Passion Dramatic Eyeliner in Black along the length of my upper lashline. I absolutely love this liner because the applicator has a long and stiff brush which makes creating liner flicks super easy! I then used their Extreme Eyeliner twist-up pencil in Olive and drew a line right above the freshly drawn black one. Only, I extended the olive one outwards and upwards to create a winged look. I dipped a fine shadow brush in loose translucent powder from my makeup bag and dusted over both lines to set them, make sure they don’t bleed into one another or smear onto the crease of my lid. I also used a little of the same olive kohl on my lower waterline for a pop of colour and then finished off with their mascara in black, which served its purpose beautifully, creating lashes with volume, lift and curl, without appearing spider-y.


Step 6: Seal

I banished any excess shine from the foundation and sealed my makeup in for the rest of the day with their Pure Passion flawless finish compact, keeping me oil-free for a few hours.


Step 7: Lips

And last but not least, I finished off the look with their Cashmere Chubby Lipstick in ‘Barely pink’ which, just like the blush, had

the perfect slightly brown undertone to match my earthy look, with a pop of uplifting colour. Westside sent across four different types of lip products in their box – the Pure Passion lipstick, lumionous lip glaze, long lasting lipstick and Cashmere Chubby lipstick. Each product was intensely hydrating, which I loved, to keep dry skin at bay and avoid unsightly mid-day lipstick clumps on your lips.


Got home at the end of the day and after using my trusty makeup wipes, washed the rest off with their ‘Aloe Vera and Green Apple’ face wash which smelled good enough to spread on a sandwich and eat for the rest of your life and then re-hydrated my elbows and knees before bed with their Delicate Jasmine nourishing body lotion, which did the trick, but could do with a little tweaking in the fragrance department.


Overall, I think the products are great investments and super affordable for the every girl looking to upgrade her beauty bag on a budget for the coming season. Check out the Studiowest products the next time you happen to be near a Westside store and let me know what you think!

 {OUTFIT DETAILS} Dress: Hill Road | Jacket: Splash (similar here) | Necklace: Phantom Jewels | Makeup: Studiowest by Westside


{PHOTOGRAPHY} Aksara Zagday at Yellow Pixel

 * This post has been sponsored by Westside, however, all opinions are entirely my own. Read more about how I keep my integrity while partnering with brands by scrolling down to the ‘You Must Probably Know’ section on this page.

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