In Review : The FabAlley Jewel Box


Call it a typical Gemini trait, but I get bored. Really, really fast. A trend that is the object of my obsession one week is easily discarded for another the next. A bag that i spent a month drooling over (and about two month’s paycheck on) makes it’s way to the back of my closet almost as soon as I unwrap the packaging. A pair of shoes…you get the picture.

Which is why, when presented with a new concept in fashion, I can’t help but want to give it a go. I ordered myself a Jewel Box from FabAlley almost the second I heard about it. And while online shopping didn’t win me any brownie points at work, it sure added a pinch of pep to my daily dress-up ritual.

Here’s the good, the bad, the ugly about the Jewel Box phenomena, giving high street a run for it’s money:

What is a ‘Jewel Box’ anyway?
An avant-garde notion introduced to the Indian market for the first time by FabAlley, a jewel box is exactly what it sounds like. Pick through a series of boxes, each containing three or four carefully curated, pre-selected pieces of jewellery that reflect your personal style.

For the fashionably confused, a short quiz helps you determine which box is best suited to your style sensibilities, though the results may catch you by surprise.

What makes it cool? 
If you ordered the same pieces of jewellery individually off the site, it would amount to roughly Rs. 2000/-. However, opt for the box and they knock off Rs.1000/- which, in my opinion, is quite a bargain. It also makes for easy gifting as you could ballpark a friend’s personal style and pick a box you think would work for her.

What’s the jewellery like?
Bang on trend and seemingly high on quality, the Casual box I opted for featured three pieces of costume jewellery, two of which I loved. The blue/green necklace is what drew me to the box in the first place and the knuckle rings worked their way into my Jewellery Hall of Fame the second I slid them on.

Since I tend to lean towards the outlandish when it comes to accessories, I wasn’t particularly sold on the third piece, a simple gold and gunmetal chain link necklace. Although I’m quickly warming up to it and throw it on on days I can’t be bothered to do much else.

How long did it take to get there?

Not long at all! The box was at my doorstep 3-4 days within placing my order.

What was the packaging like? 
I won’t lie, I was not blown away. No fancy packaging but a boring black box, plain white tissue paper and lack of a personalized thank you note left a lot to be desired.

What I would change:

Personally, I would love it if I could pick three pieces and create a box of my own, rather than leaving it to fate and being stuck with one piece I’m not really going to wear.


Ultimately, however, the experience worked in my favour and I’m quite thrilled with the three new additions to my accessory drawer. Looking forward to the launch of next month’s boxes!

Have you tried the FabAlley Jewel Box? Share your experience with me in the comments section.

Bisou bisou,
Anushka xx


  • Atreyee

    I must say this is fab. :)