Thursday, April 5, 2012

summer resort twelve

call me dramatic, but traveling during fashion week is the equivalent to being away from home on christmas. and though staying updated on the excitement was a breeze thanks to lfw tv, nothing compares to the adrenaline rush of watching the shows with your own fashion family.

as jaded as most editors and fashion mavericks seem to be about fashion week, it never ceases to lose it's appeal for me. waiting for the lights to dim, moving to the rhythm of the music, watching  the ridiculously long legged models glide down the catwalk looking bored while ooh-ing (or eww-ing) each look with my friends is what i wait for each season. not to mention the morning 'who's wearing what' buzz and re-enacting last night's scandalous after-party exploits. delicious.
{ shivan and narresh }

gossip aside, i was particularly blown away by shivan and narresh. they had me daydreaming about accessorizing  each piece with with exotic cocktails and jeweled box clutches on a cruise round the greek islands.

i developed a heart pounding, palm sweating crush on a pair of purple glitter rajat tangri trousers, had to be stopped from launching myself across the runway and ripping the camera print jacket off a model at masaba and continue to search in vain for a pair of light up booties that stole my heart at swapnil shinde.
{ sailex }

{ pranav mishra and shyama shetty }

yogesh chaudhary's sheer nautical striped maxi skirt, komal sood's bold 70's glam cocktail dress and nimish shah's yellow high waist shorts were the finest examples of real girl wearability we all long for.
oh and if it's a trend you seek, look no further than neon. showing up in most major shows, it  skyrocketed to the top of the summer trend charts while sheer fabrics, yellow, white, high waists and oversized accessories followed closely behind. lace, pearls and nudes continue to be key influencers and show no sign of dropping off the style radar. 
{ shikha and vinita }

{ masaba }

{ swapnil shinde }
before i forget, i knew i said i'd pick one winner for the kiehl's giveaway, but i decided to pick THREE. congratulations pearl, sindhu and tanaya! please email me with your addresses and phone numbers on [email protected] before april 8th.

bisou bisou,
anushka xx


Natasha Fatah said...

Absolutely love everything you've posted here! Just gorgeous!


Jyoti said...

Lov those shoes!

Aryana Patel said...

OMG the Masaba jacket! Is it available in stores?

Anonymous said...

Aditi here. Cudnt attend the fashion week but really appreciate the coverage

chp_dzn said...


Anushka said...

Natasha : Thankyou! Love it, too!

Jyoti : Me too!

Aryana : Yes it is! Around Rs. 8000/- if I'm not mistaken.

Aditi : Awesome :)

Chp_dzn : I know!