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{ pajamas : arena lingerie, blazer : hand-me-down from uncle, bag : charles and keith, shoes : pink paisley, claw cuff : faballey, chain bracelet : pret-amoda, spider ring : bought in spain, cube ring : colaba, sunglasses : prada }

Photography : Mehi Shah

I’ve never been a firm believer in fashion and comfort going hand in hand. In fact, for most of us bloggers, fashion is launching yourself out of your comfort zone and into an unfamiliar style orbit. And since great minds do tend to think alike, Cosmopolitan India had the same idea. They picked a handful of fashion bravehearts to try out the season’s wildest trends. I picked ‘Pajamas as Outerwear’.Sure, pajama suits looked great strutting down the Dolce and Gabbana runway, but could a real girl nail the trend outside the comfort of her own home, walking down a busy Bombay street?

Read my experience and tips for trying the trend on your own below :
Instead of heading to bed when i slipped into my pajamas, i decided to walk on the wild side and head to Starbucks. Reassured by the fact that i live in a city where women run errands in their nightgowns and tracksuits, a chic satin pajama suit couldn’t be half as bad.

But just as i was about to walk in, my bravado seemed to melt away as my nerves got the best of me. Still, i decided to soldier on and i’m happy to report, it was worth it!
Aside from the usual sidelong glances and Mumbai once-overs that people here seem to have mastered (if not invented) nobody stared, nobody pointed and nobody snickered.

Which means, drumroll please, the experiment was a success!
Hare some tips on nailing the ‘out of bed’ look :
(1) Steer clear of what you really wear to sleep in. And i mean no mismatched sets, cartoon prints or anything borrowed from your boyfriend.

(2) Opt for a pajama set, (the top and bottom should match) to look longer and leaner.

(3) Pick a luxe fabric with a touch of sheen, like satin, for sophistication.

(4) Tone down the accessories to let your outfit take center stage.

(5) Throw a basic jacket over the look to tone down the impact for daily wear.


Would you be daring enough to try this trend on your own? Tell me what you think of it in the comments section.

Bisou bisou,
Anushka xx


  1. Love this.. I have to find a cute pajama set to wear outside. Damn all I have right now are animal prints and PJs with hearts on them!
    Love the print on yours. So cute!


  2. wow! youve really dressed it up it and manage to make it not look like a pajama suit. I wouldve thought its a jumpsuit had you not mentioned it.

  3. Terrific! You pulled off the look really really well. And like someone has mentioned here, I would have thought it is a Jumpsuit had you not written about it being a PJ set. :)

    Love the Faballey cuffs!

  4. such a trendy approach to the pj’s ! Perfectly styled too !

  5. You pulled off the challenge and trend so well! I love the colors and print of the pyjamas and what a nice bag you got there!


  6. You look lovely! It doesnt look like a pajama suit at all, more like a jumpsuit. Love the overall look! :)

    I am following you. Would be lovely if you would visit and follow at:

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