Shein Pilots Trend Resale Platform Amid Documentary Controversy

Shein Pilots Trend Resale Platform Amid Documentary Controversy

The SHEIN Exchange pilot in the US is part of SHEIN's broader commitment to solving persistent textile waste issues and building an exceptionally circular style future. By encouraging its community to buy or resell on SHEIN Exchange, the brand aims to influence and encourage conscious consumption among its customers and ultimately extend the life of as many items as possible.

Last month, the fast fashion brand pledged to reduce emissions from its supply chain by incorporating science-based targets into its sustainability management. Adam Whinston, global head of ESG at SHEIN, explained that the brand's goal is to make reselling "as easy and convenient as buying something new" and start a cultural movement around circularity. with SHEIN's own community to take it to the next level.

He added, “At SHEIN, we believe it is our responsibility to build a fashionable future that is fair to all while accelerating solutions to reduce textile waste. We urge our neighborhood to mobilize used clothing and keep it in circulation for as long as possible. By leveraging the reach and influence of our growing community, we believe resale buying can become the new normal in our retail business.

During these 12 months, SHEIN also became a signatory to World Circular Textiles Day, a coalition of brands, suppliers and other organizations united in their mission to transform the fashion and textile industry into an economy. fully circular by 2050.

The announcement follows the recent Channel 4 documentary which aired last night on the channel's website. It sheds light on the Chinese fast fashion brand's track record with allegations of work ethics and human rights violations.

According to the documentary's claims, garment workers at SHEIN were only paid three pence per garment working 18-hour shifts. SHEIN did not respond to Just Style's request to address the issue.

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