Comdata Card Activation – Activation and Login Guide

Comdata Card Activation – A Comdata Card is a payroll card which enables employees to get their wages quickly. Instead of getting a paper check, an employee deposits on the employee’s card every payroll term. Cards may be withdrawn, internet shopping can be made and bills paid by card holders.

The cards are endorsed by MasterCard and are recognized by MasterCard as debit cards.

Registration, Activation and Login Guide of Comdata

Comdata Card Activation

Comdata Card Activation

A Comdata Card should be activated, just like other debit and credit cards before it is first used. A cardholder can activate a Comdata Card in both online and telephone modes.

Activation Requirements of Comdata Card:

  • The first element that consumers need is the Comdata Card.
  • Users must keep their card details practical.
  • The users have to have their personal data ready.
  • You must know your number of card.

Your Card Registration

First, you must register by performing the following steps:

  • Visit the website of Comdata at
  • Secondly, the button ‘Cardholders Registration Here‘ in the left side of a screen must be pressed in case you are logging into Comdata.
  • You may also choose to register as a new user if you select “Are you a new user?” Under the ‘LogIn’ option click here to register.

Activation Steps:

This is an easy and safe way to activate your Comdata Card so that you can keep track of some essential information, therefore you must have an internet account to login to your account. One must then log in for an online account if users don’t have any online account.

  1. Visit to the
  2. The manuals are provided “Please input your registration card and activation code”.

Remedy Branch provides a temporary Comdata activation card before activating the cardholder.

Therefore, you should insert the 16-digit number.

  1. Next, take down the 9-digit Social Security Number for the Comdata activation code.
  2. Finally, the ‘NEXT’ button would be pushed.

Client service Comdata:

This is a convenient and secure way to activate the Comdata Card, which means that you must read the message and when applying the customer will activate the Comdata Card by utilising the Customer Care Number. If you wish to enable the Comdata Card, you will demand that the client utilise the Comdata Card and the connected phone number.

  • Dial Activation number 888-265-8228 for the Comdata Card.
  • You next have to listen to the automatic speech and pick the Comdata Card Activation option.
  • You login to the Customer Care Officer with a Comdata Card.
  • Provide personal information and details of your card.
  • Enter your name and zip code for your state.

You can activate your Comdata Card after your procedure is over.

Number of the PIN:

When your card is enabled online or via phone, you obtain an automated personal identification number (PIN). Then you may modify the PIN to something you can memorize easily.

For specific transactions, such ATM withdrawals or debit purchases, this four-digit number is required. When using the Comdata automatic phone system, the PIN is also necessary.

Additional Tips for Activation of Comdata Card:

These are the finest procedures and technique of activating your card to activate the card. While users are prepared to activate their Comdata Card, you need to learn that your particular data and card information must be kept hidden. We know that the activation procedure for Comdata Card is useful for enabling Comdata Card. However, if you have problems or difficulties, notify us by the following remark. And you will get an explanation for your problem with CARD ACTIVATION

Activation of Comdata Card Deposits:

  • Make sure that you never disclose with anybody your password, pin, username.
  • Do not disclose your password, pin, SMS, Email, etc.
  • Never disclose your password, pin, or login while calling unknown.
  • Media platforms: Twitter, Wikipedia, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Questions About Comdata Card:

How can I check the amount of my Comdata?

Just call 1-888-265-8228 and follow the current balance instructions . The ideal method to use your card: FREE transactions:  Each pay month is FREE of comdata fees for your first transaction.

How long is my money going to stay on my Comdata card?

Your Comdata direct deposit might take up to two hours for your bank account to be available. However, sometimes your money is not available until the next day.

Which bank is Comdata using?

Bank of Regions

The Comdata® MasterCard® is issued under a MasterCard International Incorporated licence, by Regions Bank. Regions Bank. MasterCard is a MasterCard International Incorporated registered trademark. Comdata is a Comdata Inc. registered trademark.

Is Comdata payable per transaction?

No CHARGE applies to your first payday payment. After the initial transaction you subtract the following fees from your Comdata Card balance. You may get balance any time on your mobile phone by using text message notifications.

Can I utilize my Comdata card for bills?

Any MasterCard accepting merchant can utilise it. On the card reader, you choose “Credit” and verify the receipt. Comchek Draft – you may register a Comchek bill and you can make a deposit into another account by using it as a check.

Can you have a Comdata Card overdraft?

There is no credit line or protection for overdrafts. The Comdata card you do not use to buy or collect cash is greater than the value on the card. You cannot use your Comdata card. The worth and the size of the load should be determined by your enterprise, and if.

How can I withdraw my Comdata card cash?

You may either purchase cash at an ATM or from a bank branch in MasterCard. ATM Most ATM machines can utilise the Comdata card. Nevertheless, the Allpoint Network uses the card to avoid charges. Look out for ATM machines from Allpoint Network, including Walgreens, Target and Sears.

Can I move funds to a bank account from the Comdata card?

To transfer money physically from your Comdata Payroll Card, contact 1-888-265-8228. The money sent from your payroll card to your bank account takes around 25-48 working hours.

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